You’re The Only One Holding Yourself Back From Happiness


When a traumatic event hits, we often find ourselves sinking quickly, deeply and irrevocably. Like the Titanic hitting the iceberg.

I say “we” for anyone who has felt the pain, sorrows, & struggles of any tragedy. We tend to let it overcome us in its entirety, sometimes without even realizing it.

We begin blocking out the positives in the world and focusing in on all the negativity. We ignore any sunlight that’s trying to peek through the dark clouds above. When life shakes us up, we tend to lose sight of just how beautiful this life can truly be.

We forget to breathe.

& Sometimes we forget to put on our raincoats and soon we are drenched in our own struggles.

Maybe you lost your job. Lost a loved one. Failed that exam. Hurt the one who loves you. Made that mistake. Traveled that path you said you would never go down.

You are not alone and this is your reminder.

Just like the weather changes daily, so does life. The only constant entity in life is change. When you can accept that, the suffocating weight on your shoulders can finally be lifted. The good that comes today may not come tomorrow; inhale it. The bad that may come tomorrow, exhale it.

Just like inhaling tobacco from a long drag is harmful for your body, so is inhaling the bad that life throws your way.

If you forget to exhale the bad, it will eat at you like a cancer. You will never see clearly and find the beauty after your storms. Just like when that weather reporter predicted sunshine and we got rain, life isn’t meant to always go right. We are given storms to challenge ourselves, to learn from them, and to come out stronger than we would ever be without them.

The storms of life are always temporary & only have the power to defeat you if YOU let them. You are in charge of your own happiness, and YOU are the only one holding yourself back from that.

You will find a better job. You will realize your loved one wouldn’t want to see you suffer. You can re-take the course. You can make amends with the people you hurt. You can always take the path to a better future. You are not defined by the struggles you’ve gone through. You are defined by the strength you gained from the struggles.

You might not always see the entire rainbow, but I promise you, one day you will finally see that pot of gold, because eventually every storm runs out of rain.