You’re Making Life Harder On Yourself By Not Having These 50 Apps On Your Phone


These apps suggested on Ask Reddit are going to make your life a whole lot easier.

1. Tailor. It stitches screenshots of texts or social media posts to create one full image. I use it to capture texting conversations all the time.

2. Quality time. It passive aggressively rubs in your face how much you use your phone. Open the screen and it shows how many times you’ve activated the screen. Wanna see that email notification? Gotta roll past the real time timer saying how long you’ve spent on your phone. Plus you can lock out all or individual apps for up to 24 hours without locking you out of essential apps.

3. Tunity. You can basically scan any TV (restaurants, bars) and hear the audio through your phone if the TV volume is too low or far away for example. It’s pretty wild!