You’re Magic, Babe


Repeat after me: pain is a catalyst for growth.

I know it might not feel that way to you right now, but soon, every cell in your body will vibrate with the realization of this truth. The darkest moments reveal who we truly are, both in weakness and in strength, because everything is exposed. Everything is vulnerable.

Remember to not let the harshness of life’s valleys make you forget what it feels like to have effervescent laughter bubble up from your core.

Remember what it feels like to stand on the peak of the mountain with everywhere you’ve been at your feet and what it looks like to marvel at the perspective of how far you’ve come.

Darling, free yourself. Don’t you know that comparison kills all joy? Close your eyes. Breathe. Exhale. Remember who you are.

Only you smile the way you do, laugh the way you do, or has that little fleck of golden stardust in your left sea-green eye the way you do.

You’re not her or her or her or her, and you don’t need to be.

The skin stretched over your bones houses more than a body — it houses a heartbeat, a heartbeat that longs to love and only sees the best. Only sees beauty. Only sees hope. Cherish that. Grow that. Hold on to that, because in that your value is found. That’s what makes you different. Not the attention of others, because that’s only fleeting anyway if they haven’t taken the time to glimpse your soul.

Don’t lose your capacity to love, but first take the love you extend and give it to yourself. You’re worth it.

Whatever you’re going through today, give yourself the space you need to grow. To feel. To expand.

Be easy on yourself, love. You’re doing the best that you can. Remember that growth doesn’t happen all at once.

It appears in glimmers. In moments. In one decision after the next. In times where you choose to speak, even when your voice is trembling. In times where you choose to move, even when your legs are shaking.

Growth shows up in the most subtle of ways, and then suddenly, it’s there.

You’re no longer the “you” you were years ago, or even yesterday. You realize that you’ve transformed. You realize that your weaknesses and flaws are no longer your identifying characteristics, but that your decision to grow is the only thing that counts. You realize that even though the growth has been painful, it’s more worth it than anything else.

Suddenly, you stand taller. Straighter. You breathe deeper.

You’re stronger. Braver. Bolder. More in tune with your intuition. Your gut feeling. You’re quicker to guard your heart and mind. You trust yourself, even when it doesn’t make sense. And soon, you’ll realize that you still haven’t “made it.” You’ll be at peace with the fact that growth and change is an inevitable constant in life. And you’ll take a deep breath again, knowing that it’s okay.

Remember that life isn’t always black and white. You can be fucking resilient and soft at the same time. Remember to take a deep breath. Drink water. Eat your veggies. Trust the journey.

And more than anything, stay open. Stay brave. You’re magic, babe. Pure magic.