You’re Going To Miss Her When She’s Gone


You’re going to miss her when she’s gone because no one is going to wait for you anymore. No one will stay up too late for you until you come home or until you got the sense of replying to her messages. No one will be patient and forgiving enough to wait for you even though you already chose another woman over her. And no one will ever shed tears for you but would still choose you after you broke her heart.

You’re going to miss her when she’s gone because you will never find a woman like her. A woman who would stand up for you every time she hears bad things about you; someone who will fight for you and your relationship no matter how hard things are because that’s how much you matter to her and because that’s how much she loves you.

Someone who will look at your eyes and smile like crazy just by hearing your name. A woman who isn’t just your partner, but is like your mom and your very own best friend who loves and knows every inch of your soul. A woman who would stay despite how much pain and suffering you’ve caused her.

You’re going to miss her when she’s gone because you know she won’t come back anymore. There won’t be any good morning/night texts from her, no random phone calls when she misses you, no sudden little kisses when she’s having a date with you and no more ‘I love you’ as she’s staring at your eyes. She finally realized her worth and that she deserves to be loved just like how much she loved you. You taught her that and she’s thankful for you. Because if it wasn’t for you, she won’t be able to know how much resilient her heart is. Of course, it is too painful for her, but that pain made her stronger.

You’re going to miss her when she’s gone because you will regret that you let her go. You let go of a good woman–a woman who would go extra miles for you and will never give up on you so easily. You’ll keep thinking about her and only her for the rest of your life because she’s the type of woman who is not easy to forget. A woman like her is not someone you would meet on a daily basis, because she’s like a gem in a sea of pebbles.

And deep down, you knew all of that.

You’re going to miss her when she’s gone because you will realize how much of an asshole you have been to her. After having lots of one-night stands and short-lived relationships, there’ll come a time where everything hits you; in three words your heart will shatter into pieces: You lost her. There won’t be any chances for both of you because you just took every chance she gave you for granted. And she will never ever gonna come back.

You’re going to miss her when she’s gone, and you won’t be able to chase her anymore; because she’s already gone.