Your Pain May Never Go Away (But It’s Okay)


Tick tock… tick tock….

I’ve been feeling lost for months now. But it doesn’t matter. I’m healing and I feel perfectly fine.
That day shook me. Broke me to millions of pieces. Wishing it didn’t happen. But it did. I’ve become restless and uneasy most days. But that’s okay. I saw myself holding up pretty damn good. Slowly realizing things and experiences only made me stronger. I know right now I’m still in pain. I’m not denying. Soon this pain will be so worth it.

At first I didn’t understand. But as time flew, I realized everything. Endings really do exist. And it’s fine.

The pain we are feeling right now makes us feel alone at times but mostly alive. For these feelings only shows that we are human. Let yourself feel. Take this as a chance to help you grow. Get back up again.

It won’t just go.

It will stay a little longer. You will watch yourself bleed thousands of times, but that’s okay. Acknowledge the pain and let it hurt you for a while. When that time comes that you’ve gathered all the courage to start again, do it.

Because the pain won’t go just yet. Not today. So enjoy the pain. Brighter days are ahead of you, and it will make your heart cry of happiness. Hang in there.