Your Mind Is A Beautiful World


Your mind is a beautiful world—an impeccable blend of chaos and paradise. A hidden gem worthy for a quest. An exclusive island known to few, a mystery to many. A gift that should be treasured, never taken for granted.

Your eyes tell stories about the universe inside you more than what your mouth can speak of. Let them reveal all the things you refuse to talk about.

Let your mouth speak of the words that your heart longs to say. While words may sometimes fail and fall short, let it at least give a clue of what is going on inside you.

Every beat of your heart reflects the music of your soul. They unite in perfect harmony, off-keys and broken chords included. Let the beautiful symphony play and tug the heartstrings of those who genuinely pay attention.

Your mind is a beautiful world.

And whenever you feel that your world crumbles, think of the people who have been with you all along. Those who understood before you even uttered a word, who paid attention when you thought no one cared, and who saw beyond the facade you built as you went through your weakest times.

Your mind is a beautiful world.

And when the harshness of society starts to devour on your shortcomings and tries to consume you, remember that you are not alone in this. Think of the people who are ready to back you up when things get rough. Those who are more than willing to help you bounce back when you fall hard, who act as safety net to prevent you from hitting the ground, who remind you of the beauty inside you before you even start to question yourself.

If you take time to look beyond what your eyes can see and what your mind can fathom, you will see just how blessed you are to have people who truly care about you.

You don’t need to be surrounded by thousands of them for you not to feel alone.

Few real ones will do. In fact, those few are more than enough for you to make this life a meaningful one. 

Your mind is a beautiful world. It is a gem, an island, and a gift that only those who genuinely love you are worthy of being given the privilege to. 

If you let the right people in, the cruelty of society will only seem as a far-off idea, a non-existent one. It is because the right people will make it a better place and will always choose to be with you—to understand even without explanation, to listen without judgment, to put some sense whenever you become unreasonable, and to give an honest opinion with no prejudice.

Your mind is a beautiful world. So let the music of your soul play and I promise you, the right ones will listen and understand.

Never mind those who don’t. It is not meant for them anyway.