Your Heartbreak Will Help You Find The Love You’re Looking For


You will find love again.

You’ve gone through so many heart breaks. You’ve learnt from all of your mistakes. The lessons that you had to go through taught you what it means to love and lost.

By now you’re supposed to be more selective of who you let in and who you can open up to because you don’t have the time and energy for the wrong people.

Don’t look for love. Let it find you.

Yes, one can always be hopeful. But focus on the things that are more important to you.

Save your energy for your career and your loved ones. Things will fall into place whenever it should.

Re-discover yourself and learn to love the parts of you only other people could love.

Remember, you can only love someone once you’ve learned to genuinely love yourself.

Take as much time as you need before deciding on entering into a new relationship. Don’t force yourself to accept whatever love that comes your way.

If the heart and mind say no, then don’t do it. Don’t fall into the trap because you’re lonely. Don’t confuse infatuation with love. Guard your heart to your best ability and only take risks when you’re ready.

When the new love arrives, embrace it slowly. Don’t be too eager to expose everything. And never lose yourself along the way. Loving someone is a journey, not a destination.

Everything takes time – especially love. Live one day at a time and don’t set unnecessary expectations. If it is meant to be it will be. As cliché as it sounds, it is very much practical.

Your newfound love may not be the one you’re going to be settling down with. And that is more than alright.

Every wrong decision, every painful experience would inevitably bring you closer to the right one.

Don’t let the bitterness of your past cloud your future judgments.

Keep the faith but don’t let it ruin you.