Your Body Is Yours, Don’t Let People Tell You Otherwise


I am bothered by how some girls run their life on social media. I got really concerned with how they bash their selves and each other over the internet. I don’t like the way they undermine one another, especially their body.

I wish they know that it is perfectly okay not to be skinny and slim like some. I find it hard not to compare myself to someone thin, sexy, fit or slim who happens to pass by, too. I think everyone does. So, it’s perfectly okay to compare yourself to others. However, I hope it won’t reach the point where it makes them feel really sad about themselves.

I want girls to stop looking at their body in a negative way. When you see yourself in the mirror and notice your flaws, I want you to think on ways to make it un-flawed. I would go as far as saying: Embrace your flaws and let it be part of your beauty. Don’t mind (much) all those skinny girls (or guys) who has to check their calorie count every time. And yes, it is perfectly okay to envy those girls who doesn’t have to watch what they eat because they won’t get fat no matter what. Fuck fast metabolism, I know.

However, I want you to appreciate the luxury of having to eat. It’s a blessing itself. I know it’s hard to believe coming from someone who actually starve herself when she’s sad about her body. The thing is, I want you to know that I know what you feel, too, along with a thousand more insecure woman out there. You’re already beautiful just the way you are. Scratch that, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ― always has been.

“If only our bodies would marry the beauty growing inside them, it wouldn’t be so exhausting trying to love ourselves,” says Christopher Poindexter. If people makes you feel bad about your body know that you don’t have to justify your body. You don’t need to explain to anybody why your body is the way it is. Your body is YOUR body, and that’s all the justification you need. “Outward appearance can only amplify beauty, not create it. Like a frame to a picture, all the preening in the world cannot create beauty.”

My favorite writer blogged: “They’ll tell you that you are ruined. Do not listen. You are not an abandoned train station, you are poetry in motion.” Our bodies are beauties to behold. Modify it or do whatever you want. I only ask every girl out there not to degrade their bodies and shame others for having theirs. No one wants to feel bad about their body and about anything at all. Doesn’t it make you feel bad, too, for making someone feel bad about themselves?

For every insecure girls out there, like me, and for every girl who feels bad about her body: Don’t let the senseless and useless commentaries affect you greatly. Be proud of your body. You are beautiful. We all have a body. Don’t shame someone for having another serving or eating greens. If only people would stop labeling each other.

For starters, we should all start minding our own goddamn business.