Your Body Is A Masterpiece


Didn’t you know your body is a masterpiece?
You have fibers in your optic tract that allow you to see
each gradient in a sunset,
each subtle color shift in a changing autumn leaf,
every hue that exists in your world including the ones you can’t name

Your retina captures landscapes and portraits with more speed and precision than a digital camera,
and you have more storage space than iCloud so when you close your eyes you can still remember
how blue the sky looked that day,
and that face your best friend makes when they’re laughing really hard that makes you laugh even harder
Painting techniques that took renaissance painters years to refine
your own eyes have always been experts at
if you just adjust your focus
on to perception itself
maybe you would finally be able to see
that your body is an outstanding artistic achievement,
just open your eyes

and sidenote: I’m pretty sure when you look at the Mona Lisa you’re not thinking about whether she looks fat or not
and sidenote 2: I’m 100% sure Botticelli’s Venus didn’t give a fuck about having a gap between her thighs

Didn’t you know your body is a masterpiece?
Your heart and lungs are so beautifully crafted they conduct the flow of blood and oxygen in perfect harmony
A four chamber ensemble piece featuring the right and left atria, and the left and right ventricles
Arteries and veins bloom from inside of you in a symphony of crimson and ultramarine,
Never missing a beat, Always tuned to the right key
I’m sure even Mozart messed up a few notes, but your body, it doesn’t
Listen to your pulse if you don’t believe me

and sidenote: the reason the pitch of a cello is so engaging is because it’s the instrument most similar to the sound of a human voice

Didn’t you know your body is a masterpiece?
Millions of sensory receptors on your skin pick up on every detail of feeling
Touch is the only sense that can communicate what even the most skilled writers can only aspire to
The feeling of warm sand and ocean waves on the first beach day of the summer, the first moment you rest
your head on your pillow after a long day, butterflies in your stomach before you kiss someone for the first
Think about what it means when you use the expression “ I’m touched”

We know that all great literature is recognized as being great for the simple reason that it can makes us feel
and sidenote: every protagonist will struggle before reaching a resolution, and go through a few plot twists,
but that doesn’t mean their story is flawed. It’s just part of the narrative arc

Didn’t you know your body is a masterpiece?
You have 206 bones and around 650 muscles masterfully constructed into your own unique framework
Michelangelo wrote “ Whoever neither has been nor is a master at figures cannot really understand
You are more captivating than a skyscraper
You are the pantheon, parthenon and coliseum all rolled into one
But even better, you are not built of marble or concrete
You are smooth and striated muscle tissue wrapped around strong bone marrow with cartilage and tendons
and ligaments to hold you together
that let you walk and talk, and pick yourself up if you fall
Blueprints for buildings need modifications for functionality, but you never did
and sidenote: St. Peter’s basilica in the Vatican was designed keeping the idea in mind that buildings
should follow the form of the human body, because the proportions are already perfect.

And every day all of your organs follow their own intricate choreography
There are no practice sessions, permanently in recital mode
Regradless of whether you are awake or asleep,
no breaks
just continuous performance at a professional level
An electrically charged waltz between neurotransmitters and receptor sites
in unison with smooth transitions
And it’s even good at improv

So please next time you think something’s wrong when you look at your reflection
Reflect on how art is treated in a museum,
It is protected
It is handled with care and respect
It goes through restoration treatments if it is starting to wear out
Isn’t self­preservation supposed to be a basic instinct?
Someday we’ll evolve so that self­love is one too.

And next time you hear a friend making accusations at their body
Maybe instead of sighing and joining in with your own list of grievances
You’ll risk sounding corny as hell, but you might instead ask them
Didn’t you know your body is a masterpiece?