You’ll Love These 6 Self-Care Ideas If Bubble Baths Really Aren’t Your Thing


When it comes to self-care, the most common advice given is that of a luxurious bubble bath. Yet for many of us, bubble baths don’t quite cut it. Added to that, as most of us have showers instead of baths, such advice isn’t exactly the most practical here!

However, there are so many other self-care ideas to try out, all of which provide the most wonderful results. Here we consider six exciting but ultimately doable self-care techniques that are the simplest to implement but which will leave you feeling just as satisfied, if not more!

1. Sit And Watch/Listen To The World Go By

In a society where to be seen as busy is an achievement, we’ve unfortunately lost the art of simply doing nothing.

How many times do we actually just stop and sit without reaching for our phones, fiddling, or talking? A practical and essential but often disregarded area of self-care is reconnecting with the earth and grounding ourselves.

The simplest but ultimately most effective way of doing this is by finding a quiet place, free from all distractions, and sitting down comfortably. Then let everything leave your mind. Forget about all that needs doing and what is going on right now—just let it all go.

Try closing your eyes and taking deep breaths and concentrate on lowering that heart rate. Your body will thank you immensely for this simple but effective means of self-care, so aim to do this a couple of times each week, even if it is just for a short burst of time.

2. Develop Green Fingers

The act of gardening or taking care of house plants is becoming increasingly popular with all ages—and for good reasons.

When you place your hands into the soil of flowers and plants, not only do you reconnect with mother nature, but you also shake off all other thoughts and become absorbed in the care of nature’s offerings.

Whether you work in the garden outdoors or spend the morning indoors tending to and watering a range of house plants, this is a self-care activity that has many benefits to offer.

Experts believe that by developing green fingers, you automatically relax, slow your breathing, and overall gain a fulfillment that comes from watching your plants and flowers grow and flourish.

3. Read A Book

One of the most informative and educational of self-care techniques, reading is also a fantastic way of encouraging you to sit still and relax.

By reading a book, you allow yourself to be transported to another world whereby you can play the part of any character you choose and all without leaving your comfortable armchair.

Unfortunately, reading is a self-care means that many bypass, not believing it to be self-care. But by stopping and shutting out the real world for an hour a day, not only do you relax your entire body, you take care of those brain cells, making it the perfect self-care activity for improving gray matter!

4. Walk Without A Purpose

If it was good enough for the Master of Literature, Charles Dickens, then walking with no intent is the perfect self-care choice for those who simply want to escape.

Claimed to have walked for over two hours per day, Dickens was well aware that not only is walking one of the best forms of physical exercise, but it is also so effective at clearing the mind and those cobwebs.

When performed as a self-care activity, walking can reconnect you with the immediate world around you, especially when you forgo that Fitbit, Smart watch, and phone.

Aim to walk out each day with no set route or destination, rather take a new course each time and see where the mood takes you.

5. Create Your Own Artwork

A most inspiring form of self-care is that of making or creating your own art pieces. Better still, if you can use what you have around you, this is one method that not only soothes the mind but is equally lighter on the wallet!

By dedicating time to a creative craft, the enjoyment you derive from it is immense. From designing your own mandalas to knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting, or even woodworking, this is one self-care technique that provides some of the most long-lasting results.

Soothing and soulful, those who regularly craft find themselves able to relax more naturally and free their mind of what’s going on around them once they absorb themselves in their projects.

6. Disconnect Regularly

Finally, if you find you can only commit to one self-care routine at this time, then consider making it the disconnection technique.

For at least one day a week, switch off that mobile and leave the online world behind. This means removing yourself from all social media for the day and living technology-free as much as is possible.

A fantastic self-care activity for all ages, the ability to disconnect regularly radically reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. However, its most significant effect is allowing you to be you for the day simply. This means not having to put on a show for the sake of others or feel any guilt or anxiety when looking at what others are up to.

Undeniably, this is one self-care routine that will help you sleep better at night and ensure you wake the next morning feeling relaxed and refreshed.