You Shouldn’t Fear Commitment


This is a universe. I think sometimes we all have a tendency to forget that, in our corner of the world, country, state, city. And all of our own stories. We neglect that we are one, an entity.

I’ve listened to far too many people (mostly males, in my case) voice their fear of risk, commitment, and of course, love. I don’t think a commitment issue is a product of over-thought. It’s more inclined to be perspective. And of course when you are standing at the edge of the mountain, the wind blowing you forward, in your own story, fear is a product of thought.

I’ve heard them all talk about their insecurities. Their selfish tendencies. Their fear of ‘fucking things up.’ How monetarily limited they are in their own lives. But aren’t we all? That’s the beauty of it. You aren’t alone and you don’t have to be. We, as humans, are all subject to insecurity, struggle, pain. We are all eligible to love, feel, and experience. And in that sense, we are all life partners anyway.

We are more naturally committed to each other than we are aware. We all share life and death and all that comes between.

Commitment is merely the meeting of two minds, bodies, and souls and the agreement to share, receive, absorb, and embrace.

It doesn’t mean your life stops or your wallet disintegrates. Chances are, if you’ve found a person, a thing, a life you’ve even remotely considered ‘committing’ to or something you’ve already shared your mind, body, and soul with, there will only be growth.

The common perspective of commitment is more stunting than the actual thing.

Blossom. Expand. See the world, embrace it. Embrace you—and everything you think can go wrong. Life is a risk in itself and you, I, and the billionaire are all a part of it.

Start thinking less of commitment as a prison. And more as a garden. Water it and watch everything sprout and re-sprout through darkness and through light. There is room, space, beauty in all of us. And when we connect, there is only growth.

So open up. To the person sitting next to you, an old friend, the girl you’ve been been keeping at bay because ‘oh gosh, life just got in the way.’ Remember, there is always room—possibility, experience, past, future, in not just you, but the guy standing next to you too. Life’s a journey that doesn’t have to be done alone, because at the end of the day, we’re all seeds in the same soil, stars in the same universe.