You Should Love Someone Who’s Worth The Pain


Choose to love someone who is worth your tears. Someone who’s brave enough to wipe those tears away and make you smile again, because your happiness is theirs too. 

Choose to love someone who will love your flaws and imperfections. Someone who sees the goodness within you despite the fact that you keep on making mistakes. Because he or she already saw how beautiful you are as a person bearing those scars deep inside of you. You don’t need to pretend that you’re strong and independent because you know that there’s someone for you who’ll be there at your weakest point.

Choose to love someone who will disappoint you but at the same time amaze you with the efforts they give in order to suffice those shortcomings. Someone who is willing to look like a fool just to make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Someone who won’t give up on you no matter how hard and painful it is being with you because he or she knows you’re worth the pain.

Choose to love someone who sees their future with you (vice versa). Someone who’s already making plans without you knowing it, because he or she trusts God’s timing for the both of you and believes that everything happens for a reason. Simply, a life with you will bring them a lifetime of happiness.

Choose to love someone who loves the whole you and not just the small parts of you. Someone who’s proud of showing you off to the world because he or she feels so blessed having you in their lives.

Choose to love someone who inspires you to be a dreamer, to be the best person you can be–a person who won’t change a single bit of you because he or she loves you just the way you are. Someone who supports your dreams and aspirations in life because he or she wants you to grow and prosper in life.

Choose to love someone whom you trust your whole heart; someone who’s worth all the tears and pain, because you believe that he or she is the one for you. The person whom you prayed for and waited all your life. 

Choose to love a person who is pain-worthy.