You Should Date The Broken Girl


Life is made up of all of these defining moments. We experience so much on a daily basis and these instances shape us, sculpt us, color us, shade us and polish us into what we are at every present moment.

I firmly believe that life isn’t about what happens to you, but about how you respond. How you react. How you grow.

People often say that the people who have been through the most in life are the ones who smile the biggest. Somehow, at the end of every day, their lives aren’t defined by the heartbreak.

They live their lives differently than you do. They see things in a completely different light. Often times, a brighter light.

This is why you should date the broken girl.

You want to date her because though she’s been torn down, she’s built herself back up. She’s still here and she’s still willing to put her faith in love. Her faith in you.

She is strong. She will not run away in the face of adversity. She will not give up on you. She has learned to fight through the bad stuff to reach the awaiting bliss.

She understands some of the most hideous moments life has to offer. She has lived them. Because of this, she holds great value in life’s sweet moments.

She is capable of finding light in the darkest of days. She hears rainfall as nature’s gift of music, rather than complaining about her shoes getting wet.

She doesn’t take life for granted. And she won’t take you for granted, either.

She will go out of her way to remind you that you’re appreciated. Little moments won’t go unnoticed.

Each hug will be cherished. She will always kiss you like it’s the last time. She will never let words be left unspoken. She understands how fleeting life can be.

You can talk and talk and talk; she will listen. She will listen because she knows how many times she wished someone would just listen to her. How she longed for someone to talk to. She understands the importance of expression.

She will help you put things into perspective. When life seems overwhelming, she will be there to ground you and remind you that there is still something, somewhere to smile about. She’s been doing it for years.

You will never have to wonder what she’s thinking. She’s learned that the mind-games our generation has become so accustomed to are not worth playing. She will be honest with you even when it isn’t easy because she’s been hurt by lies too many times.

The quirks that make you human will be her favorite things about you. She has learned to see people for who they really are. She immediately reaches past the superficial level and connects with who you are. She will make every effort to understand you, rather than just get to know you.

She will celebrate your flaws and laugh at your mistakes rather than getting mad. You’ll never have to walk on eggshells around her. She’s learned not to sweat the small stuff. Spilled milk is just that. There are real problems in the world and that isn’t one of them.

She is forgiving and she won’t hold grudges. Time spent angry is time wasted, and she won’t want to waste a moment with you.

She values the balance between independence and reliance. She knows how to be self-sufficient when necessary because she’s done it her whole life.

With her, you will always be laughing. Life will be fun. She won’t let things get boring because her goal in life is to enjoy it. She will want to go on adventures, try weird foods and binge watch the shows that got horrible ratings because she wants to experience as much life as she possibly can. Even the stuff no one else seemed to like.

She will introduce you to a world you didn’t know existed because you never chose to see it the way she did.

The broken girl will teach you.

The broken girl will make you laugh.

The broken girl will love you unconditionally.

The broken girl will change your life. Because she isn’t broken at all.

She’s been tested, bruised, alone, shattered and helpless. But not broken. Broken is too definite. She’s still here. She’s resilient. She’s won. Don’t let her get away.