You Never Deserved My Best Friend’s Heart In The First Place


What happen to you? Where did you go? Oh right, you left, without a goodbye. And you know what, she blames herself everyday for your immature and selfish actions.

I want to start off by letting you know, you made a mistake; a big mistake. I am not very fond of you. You clearly don’t deserve someone like her. She gave you all her time and attention, and what did you do? You blew her off time and time again, without even thinking what would happen.

It has been months since you last spoke, and all the sudden she awakes to a text from you.

[3 AM]: “Hey”

Hey? Really? Maybe I am overreacting but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I know why, because you aren’t the one that has to deal with the consequences. I made her delete the message. I told her not to respond. She sees this as you finally coming around and showing you care, but I see it as a pathetic drunk text.

She doesn’t deserve these games you’re somehow still playing after all this time. Can you just admit you made a mistake? Can you just admit that you are actually the asshole you always claimed you weren’t? Can you just admit that you probably let one of the greatest girls you ever talked to get away?

Because I’m done dealing with the crap you continue to throw at her. Someone as kind, caring, thoughtful, and gentle deserves better.

You lead her on for months with all the sweet talk and drunken calls and messages. You may have brought a smile to her face and butterflies to her stomach, but you also brought heartache. You brought heartache to a girl who does not deserve it. And you brought it in the worst way.

You disappeared. You left her waiting for your name to appear on her phone. You left her wondering what she did wrong. You left her replaying every conversation back in he head, trying to find the moment it all changed. You left her without an explanation, without a goodbye.

And because I know she will never say it.


You don’t deserve her time, her attention, her kind-soul. You don’t deserve any of it. And I wish things could have been better, and they will be for her, eventually. But in the mean time, I want you to leave her alone. She was doing so well and moving on from you, and I would like it to continue that way. I don’t want to see her like that again, and you can never take back what you said, did, or didn’t say.