You Need To Fight For Your Feelings


The contentment I felt was immeasurable to finally understand this again. To reconnect with an old idea – an epiphany – which is that you can, at any point in your life, decide to do something that is completely out of the norm. To say, no. This is not how I want to live my life. This is not how I want to feel. To allow the concept that you have complete control over your emotions and your circumstances, slowly flow into your mind.

When the dust finally settled and my thoughts began to unclutter, I realised that the true definition of freedom isn’t just being able to do whatever you want whenever you want. True freedom is being able to feel however you want whenever you want. People may have a stronghold over the circumstance that you’re in and they might even put you in a difficult situation. Heck, at certain points, you may not even be in control of what happens to you in life.

Sure, at times life does take us by surprise and things happen. Unfortunate things. We may not be able to foresee everything but that doesn’t change the fact that no matter what happens, no one will ever have enough power to tell you how to feel.

You’ve got to realise that you can, at any point, tell yourself that you don’t want to feel this way and walk away from whatever it is. You don’t have to confront a situation if you don’t want to and you don’t have to stay anywhere any longer than you desire. Your life is yours to live and no one can ever tell you otherwise. You have more control over this life than you give yourself credit for.

If you’re feeling worn down by someone, walk away from him/her. If you’re feeling tied down to a situation that makes you uncomfortable, walk away from it. If you want to see the world for what it is, then by all means, please, go. Who’s to stop you? What’s stopping you from taking that leap? Societal norms? Societal stigmas?

Well, guess what. No one actually cares. They will always care enough to put you down and downplay your dreams, your desires and your ambitions. They will always care enough to talk about your flaws, your shortcomings and your weaknesses. They will always care enough to gossip about you and they might even care enough to stir unnecessary shit about you.

But here’s the real shocker – no one really cares enough to see you through your happiness. No one cares enough to make your dreams come true. Because your dreams, your ambitions and your desires are your realities. Not anyone else’s. It’s all yours. And the truth is, people will never see its importance the way you do and that’s okay.

This life is yours to live. This life is yours to experience. If you’ve got a friend or two who holds your hand through every turmoil and every lived dream then for Pete’s sake, don’t ever let them go.

Don’t be sorry for living your life. Don’t be sorry for loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Because trust me on this – it’s always better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Be grateful that you’ve had the privilege to feel what it’s like to love and to dwell in it.

Don’t be sorry for wanting more out of life other than a mundane 8 – 5. Don’t apologise for not meeting the expectations of others because really, nothing could possibly mean more than your own happiness and your own life fulfilled.

So the next time someone makes you feel apologetic for wanting more for yourself, give them a smile followed by the middle finger and walk away.

You deserve all the happiness and freedom that comes with this life. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.