You Meant The World To Me, And I Wish I’d Meant The Same To You


I know I shouldn’t hold back to your memories but I thought what we had was special, something that most people wish to have, but hardly achieve, in their lifetime.

You were my best friend and I fell in love with you. It felt like as though I knew I was at home all these while but it was at that moment when I finally found a ground under my feet.

But ever since that day, you’ve taken me for granted. You drew me a masterpiece of our eternal love, but it only echoed my thoughts back and forth, each and every minute of the day, because you were never there; not even to frame up that picture of the feeling you called love.

And I’m so caught up in the past that it seems impossible to move on with the wind of the present and swim towards the future. Even when I was preparing to leave you a rather tedious speech before going away, it wouldn’t be too wrong to say that I was hoping that you’d ask to stay.

But at the same time, I knew I wasn’t sure of it because you’ve never done that in these few years that we were together.

It’s so hard to convince myself that only one of us is unhappy about the parting. The other person would still have the strength to start considering a substitute for my body and soul.

Very soon the remains of my crumbling spirit would disappear into the thin air and all I’ll ever be is a distant name of one of your old flames. It’s a pity that I could never rise up to be the goddess of your dreams when you meant the whole world for me.