You Make Me Look Forward To Thunderstorms


You make me look forward to rain, to the sound of raindrops synchronized with the sound of your voice, to the water washing away the ground as you wash away my fears and to the new reality the rain brings when I’m with you — now I know why people sang and danced in the rain — they were in love.

You make me look forward to thunderstorms, because it means we will stay home, it means I don’t have to be alone — stuck with the thunderstorms in my head — it means that every time a storm hits us, your love hits me too and suddenly I’m in love with thunderstorms.

Because even during a storm, I still feel safe with you.

The more God moves nature, the more he moves my heart closer to you.

Before you, I feared storms and I disliked rain, they reminded me of everything that’s wrong with me, they reminded me that at the end of the day, no matter how amazing it was, I don’t want to face the storm alone. I don’t want to walk alone in the rain without a hand to hold.

But now, the rain makes me happy because it makes me remember you and how you put an end to all those rainy nights and the storms bring me peace because I know that you’ll be by my side when lightning strikes.

And this is the comedy (or maybe the tragedy) of life; the moments that used to terrify us are actually not as terrifying when you share them with the one you love and the same moments that used to bring us anxiety are the same moments that can bring us peace.

Those who hate storms hate them because they remind them of how much they need love and they hate the rain because it reminds them that they’re alone.

And every time it rains, I thank God for you and every time a storm hits us, I feel a little warmer.

So it doesn’t matter if it rains or if a hurricane is on the way because it will always feel like kaleidoscopic sunsets and sunrises with you.