You Look At Her The Way I Look At You


She can’t see the fact that you completely drop what you’re doing and watch her as she walks down the hallway, casually talking to her friends about her day.
She can’t see the way that your eyes sparkle beautifully as you speak about your passions, completely forgetting that you’ve been quickly mumbling about it with excitement.
She can’t see your pain as she tells you about her prince because to you, she was your queen.
She can’t see you indulge yourself into every word she says, anticipating every breath she takes.
She can’t see you desperately calling her name, wanting nothing else in the world than her attention.

And you can’t see me ache for you the way that you ache for her.

You can’t see me from across the hallway, watching you converse to different people about your day.
You can’t see my eyes yearn for the sight of you, telling myself that just a minute with you could change everything.
You can’t see my pain as you tell me about her eyes sparkling in the darkest areas, telling me how much you wanted to enter her fairytale, not knowing that I’ve fought dragons for you.
You can’t see me allow myself to be captivated by your every breath.
You can’t see me hopelessly calling out to you, wanting nothing else in the world than for you to see that she won’t love you the way that I do.