You Have Two Choices To Become The Modern Hero


The modern hero is the one who is happy to live the unjustified life.

Religion gave a reason to live for a while. Then philosophy. Then science.

They’re all failing now. Art is trying to fill the gap but can’t.

We are faced with living life for no objective reason.

We have two choices.

1. To pretend that there is an ultimate answer and to create another delusion to be torn down. To distract ourselves with the petty by treating them as more important than they are. To create and recreate explanations – to believe we found the answer. To feign that life isn’t absurd.


2. We can face the abyss and celebrate the unjustified life. To stand up and infuse our lives with meaning that we know might not make sense. The modern hero is the one who is willing to forgo the “Why”. He creates meaning by forgetting that it should be packaged neatly.

He looks the absurd in the face and laughs without knowing why.