You Don’t Miss Him, You Miss The Feeling


You miss how you felt home
when he kissed the corners of your mouth,
when you rested your head
on his shoulder blades,
when he breathed
inside your soul.

You miss that ticklish sensation
when he tries to connect the moles on your back
using his tongue
and when he runs his fingers
on your nape.

You miss having road trips,
with him singing Coldplay songs
blasting from your car’s
decade-old stereo,
and passing through
and seeing cliffs.

You miss having a hand to hold
at midnight when you’re drowned
in alcohol and uncertainties.

You miss how he calls to wake you up
and say “I miss you”
and amid your sleepiness,
you feel the whole zoo
rioting in your tummy.

You miss how he ties your hair
while you’re washing dishes
or how he sneaks in
a cup of green tea latte
in your office.

But darling, you don’t actually miss him.

You just miss the feeling.