You Don’t Know It, But You’re Like An Old Pair Of Jeans


You are an old pair of jeans – good, familiar, reliable. As it goes, with every wear your value slowly diminishes, and there is new denim luring him into their seams.

While for the time being he’s content wearing you, he is incessantly fixated on his quest for a new pair, and after a short while, he disregards what he so valued about you in the first place.

How you would effortlessly get him from the office to happy hour to a bar crawl downtown to an impromptu after party at a strung out warehouse; how you were versatile, appropriate for every occasion and required little maintenance; how you were exceptionally slow to fade and to everyone’s amazement, your seams were still intact after months of wear and tear. If well kept, you would have outlasted any new pair, and with exuberance! But you were never given the chance.

Naturally, once he’s closed the deal with the new pair he rids himself of you and if he’s feeling super generous, perhaps he’ll donate to Goodwill.

Though it’s only a matter of time before he realizes what he’s lost. An irreplaceable pair, distressed to perfection and the coziest among all its contenders.

Certainly, you will remain the absolute best pair of jeans he’s ever owned.