You Don’t Have To Stay When Your Heart Is Telling You To Leave


I know it’s nerve-racking to make a move and be somewhere new. I know how confusing it is to choose between staying in an environment that gives you safety and wanting to find a place that can easily make you feel like you belong. I know it’s scary to step your best foot forward into the unknown and not have any idea whether you will fail or succeed.

If only there’s a guarantee that you’ll have something to fall back on when your plans don’t work out, you will not hesitate to take some risks. If only the world could give you a clear sign that it’s time to make some major change in your life — you will do it without inkling, you will ignore the fears that are living inside your head, and you will be brave enough to jump in an unfamiliar territory.

But the universe doesn’t give anyone an assurance that things are going to be easy. Every decision that you will make will have a ripple effect to your future. And regardless of what path you will choose for yourself, there will always be struggles and obstacles that you will encounter along the way.

Staying in your comfort zone is, without a doubt, the most convenient option to pick when you’re at crossroads in life, but once your heart tells you to go explore and embrace the unknown — you shouldn’t hesitate to follow it.

Your heart knows exactly what’s best for you even if your brain disagrees, even if the people that you love have different opinions, even if someone tells you not to pay attention to it.

Your heart is the only thing that you should listen into when you’re surrounded by so much noise. It is inside your heart that you can find the answers to your questions, the guidance that you need when you feel lost, and the words that will give you strength when you’re weak.

You don’t have to force yourself to remain rooted in one place when all your heart wants is to leave. You don’t have to worry about what other people will say or feel about your intention of going in a different environment. You don’t have to stay when you’re already unhappy.

You can walk away when people are constantly trying to emotionally hurt you. It’s not wrong to venture into a different direction if your surroundings don’t help you grow anymore. You have the right to search for a community that is happy to welcome you and wants to take good care of you.

There are so many people out there who are excited to meet you, to make a space for you in their hearts, to cherish you and promise not to take you for granted. There are plenty of opportunities that are waiting for you on the other side and there’s really no point for you to be scared. There’s no reason for you not to march to the beating of your own heart.

Leaving something that’s dragging you down and sucking all the positivity that you have will make your soul lighter. Pulling yourself out from a situation that only brings you so much suffering will give your mind peace. Having the courage to speak your truth and pursue what you’re truly passionate about will bring you closer to your dream destination.

The only person who’s holding you back from making bold choices is you.

It’s better to take big risks now than regret later on for the decisions that you didn’t make. Success isn’t measured by how many safe roads you have successfully navigated. What truly matters in life is how you rose up to challenging situations and still be able to reach your ultimate goal at the end of it all.