You Didn’t Deserve Any Of The Attention That She Gave You


You didn’t deserve the good morning texts she typed as soon as her eyes opened. The cute selfies she took for you in front of mirrors. The compliments she gave you about every aspect of your being. 

You didn’t deserve all of the conversations she had with you about your favorite TV shows and bands. The questions about what happened at work and how your parents were. The genuine interest in your life.

You didn’t deserve so much attention, so much affection.

You didn’t deserve someone who texted you back after ten minutes even though it took you days to respond. You didn’t deserve someone who dropped everything to see you when you invited her over at the last second.

You didn’t deserve someone who still flirted with you, even after seeing the pictures you posted with your arm around other girls. You didn’t deserve someone who gave you chance after chance, even though you hadn’t actually earned them.

You didn’t deserve someone who would have given up everything for you. Someone who would have been happy to pick you up if your car broke down or answer your calls at three in the morning. Someone who would have taken a bullet for you if you asked. 

You didn’t deserve all of her effort. You didn’t deserve all of her time.

She tried so hard to make you happy, even though you only did the bare minimum for her. Even though you kept on taking without giving her anything in return. 

You never texted her to ask how her day was going. You never took an interest in her hobbies, in her passions. You never cared.

You always made the conversation about you. You canceled plans with her. You drunk texted her. You left her hanging and hoping without ever wondering how it would impact her. You only thought about yourself.

She didn’t deserve to fall for someone like you, who walked all over her and bragged about it. Who was proud that he had someone he could use until the next girl came alone.

She didn’t deserve all of those nights where she kept glancing at her phone, waiting to see if your name would pop up. Or all of those mornings when she held back from texting you just to see if you would start the conversation — and never did.

She didn’t deserve someone who only stuck around because he realized he could get away with murder. Because he saw that he could put in zero effort and still be spoiled with affection.

She didn’t deserve what you put her through.

And you didn’t deserve all of the love she gave you. But someone else out there does — and she’s going to leave you behind to find him.