You Deserve To Find The Person You’ve Been Waiting For


You will meet someone one day, someone whose pieces will fit perfectly well with yours. And you will remember the Greek myth that tells the story of how Zeus split humans into separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives, roaming the earth, in search of their other halves. And you will thank the universe for allowing you to finally find yours, after one too many wrong trials.

From the moment you meet them, talking will become a delightful discovery. You will talk with them for hours as if you were catching up on years spent apart. And sleep will be of no use because reality finally has become better than your wildest imagined dreams.

You will share with them all of your best kept secrets and they will entrust you with the dustiest corners of their mind. They will show you the map of their scars and bruises, without feeling the need to cover any of them up. And you will peel off your layers, one by one, without them asking you to. And you will wonder how you managed to live all of those years before they walked into your life like a rainbow, lighting up all the dark rooms of your heart, all at once. And you will feel happy. So blissfully happy for the first time. For the first time in your life, you will feel that happiness is at last here to stay.

You MIGHT meet that someone, one day. You MIGHT.

That someone is out there, somewhere, wasting his time on the wrong woman just like you are wasting your time on the wrong man. Both too afraid to end up alone. Both too hesitant to leave everything behind and to go in search of the other side of the same coin. But let me tell you this: The universe is waiting and waiting and waiting. It’s waiting for you both to close the door and to courageously step out to the other side. It’s waiting for you both to trust that you can find better, to trust that you deserve more. The universe is waiting and waiting and waiting. But it’s not going to wait forever. Trust me it won’t.

So close that door for Love’s sake, close it before it’s too late.