You Deserve More Than A Reckless Love


You are too full of life to be recklessly loved. You have too much beauty to offer the world and too much love to give. You deserve more than a reckless love that makes you question your value. 

When you aren’t confident in how loved you are, remember that you deserve to be loved the right way, always. Remember that how you are treated isn’t a reflection of your worth, but of the emotional capacity that the other person is able to offer. You deserve a love that fills you with emotional safety and peace, not fear and uncertainty. 

When you feel like your standards are unreachable, remember that you teach others how to treat you. Remember that there is always another person that will see the value in you, and they will want to exceed your standards. Remember that feeling valued, respected, and appreciated are not only options, but requirements for a healthy relationship. And you deserve them.

When you feel like you are asking the bare minimum to feel loved, remember that the bare minimum is not what you deserve. You deserve more than the bare minimum. You deserve more than being recklessly loved.

When you feel like you are chasing someone to give you the love that you are looking for, remember that you deserve the love you are looking for simply because you are you. You deserve to be loved beautifully. You deserve to be loved wholly. And unconditionally. You deserve more than a reckless love. 

You deserve more than a love that just settles you. You deserve a love that awakens you. A love that fills you up inside, each and every day. A love that is not a flurry of unsettling emotions, but a wave of calmness and steadiness. That is how you deserve to be loved.