You Can’t Say I Left You, Because It Was The Other Way Around


I entered your life once again after so long with alacrity, happy and thrilled I was. We’ve known each other since young, I had thought that I knew all there is to you, I embraced your imperfections and loved you for who you are and in turn I only hope you did like wise for me. It all happened so fast, but regardless of which I loved you and I still do.

You once told me that the others before me left, they left because they couldn’t handle you emotionally. It was then that I promised I’d never leave, not like how they did, that regardless of which I’d stay and fight the demons in you and we’d pick up the pieces together piece by piece, that we’ll become better, stronger, happier and more connected than we were in the past. I have been at my happiest in the short time we’ve been together.

I always kept the promise in mind, that I’d never leave, I’ll always be here, there, everywhere for you, I wonder if you made the same promise as well. Throughout the dinners and dates that came we had our highs and lows, I tried my best to understand and be patient with you, I really wanted it to work. Those around me told me how dangerous you were, that I could falter and fall in the same pit as you, but I didn’t care, I knew what I signed up for, I was prepared to pick up the pieces with you.

Came the day you told me, you weren’t ready, that you have yet to cut ties with your past and you needed time to find yourself and just maybe, in the future we’d work it out again.

I understood, I agreed to it, that you should do what you feel needs doing and I told you I’ll be patient enough, that I’ll always be here for you, after all it is a promise I made to you.

It just stopped, our conversations became non-existent, for days on end I’d keep trying to reach out to you, tell you that I’m still here, that I exist, that I still want to be a part of your life, that I am staying true to the promise I made, that I would never leave. But there is only so much I can do alone. I’ve done what I can, I will continue to live by my promise, in the shadows waiting to be awaken. So now, you can’t tell the world that I left you, because I never did.