You Can’t Hold On To Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Stay


Sometimes it’s hard to give up on someone, especially when you love them. Sometimes you feel like you have no say on who should be in your life because they don’t want to be there. Sometimes you can’t just tell them to stay, even though you really want them to, and here’s why.

You feel like the universe is asking you to be a little more patient and wait a little longer. You’re secretly hoping that maybe they’ll change their mind. You crossed borders and swam across seas to give them what they want in the hopes of them gravitating back towards your life. And you really hope that’s the case, but sadly it’s not. Maybe you got attached, maybe you thought you were meant for each other, maybe your paths crossed and were meant to continue side by side. But then maybe you were wrong. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

Being uncertain of our own fate is nerve-racking. As humans, we initially believe in the positive outcomes that come as a result of enduring these predicaments. We think that life will reward us with something great whenever times get rough. In this case we believe that holding on to them a little bit longer will make them stay.

But once they have their minds set that they don’t want you anymore, you have to let them go.

You can’t ask them to stay if they don’t want to. Neither can you force yourself into their life if they don’t want you to be in it. If they truly wanted to be in your life, they wouldn’t have considered leaving in the first place. Don’t sit there and wait for them to change their mind, because it’s the most heart-rending punishment you can ever do to yourself.

Sometimes the universe can be cruel, but there is a reason for everything. We may never know what that reason is, but it certainly leads us to where we should be and who we’re supposed to be with. Their chapter in your life is over and it’s time to move on to the next.

Of course sometimes you can’t help but reminisce on the past and wonder what went wrong, what happened, what did I do? We’re human and yes, it’s normal to feel this way. You are not a weak person for loving someone. But do yourself a favor and let go. It can get hard sometimes and the desire of starting over with them will always be there.

But you have to be strong enough to let go of someone who doesn’t want to be held, for your sake. A few months of sadness is better than a lifetime of pain.