You Are Worth The Love You’ve Been Wishing For


We sometimes feel we are not deserving of that kind of love your grandparents have.

Trust me, you are my dear.

If no one can see how truly beautiful you are, they do not deserve that love. Love should be kind, accepting, also able to love and kiss every scar and flaw you possess. Because you are WORTH it.

We sometimes don’t have a full understanding of what love is, so we confuse abuse for love.

Love is GENTLE.

We sometimes take whatever we can get and put the label “True Love” on it because we don’t want to be alone. Use no one for your own comfort. Be fair.

We sometimes hide from it, in fear of getting hurt. We prefer to be alone than vulnerable. We preferably spend the rest of our days in the arms and beds of strangers just because we know we won’t be there in the morning for breakfast. Because we know we won’t see them again, they won’t get too close to hurt us. This way is safe.

Falling in love isn’t anything to fear. You learn a lot about yourself. You know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You learn what is good love and what is bad love. The scars you bare from a bad romance will be your reminder. You survived. With survival, comes strength and knowledge.

SEX is not LOVE.
PAIN is not LOVE.

Sweet one, remember that you must first love yourself to be loved. Both your mental and psychical health is of great importance. If both are not being handled with care, please walk away.

They are not WORTH it. You DESERVE better.