You Are The Sun, And I Am Your Moon


You are warm and full of good vibes and energy which you share with others. I am chill and thrive in the dark, highlighting the strange and mysterious that they may shine.

You give light to everyone around you, excluding no one though others would exclude them. Your generosity is the reason why people in your social circles thrive. I am choosy, only revealing parts of myself in phases, so no one ever fully understands me. Sometimes they love me, sometimes they hate me, but I forever hold their wonder and intrigue.

We balance each other out. When you get too fired up, I step in to cool things down and nurture life with rest and repose. When it gets too dark and hope seems lost, you come breaking in to begin a new day.

We are part of each other, born to live and work together.

We chase each other across the sky in a neverending cycle, because despite our differences, we need one another to fulfill our life’s purpose. And having these differences gets frustrating sometimes. We reside in different places and times and we’re hardly on the same page. I’ve grown to accept and respect that about you.

The sun and the moon love each other because they give each other space to shine. Yet the moon will always need the sun more. Without him she will have no light.

But she doesn’t try to shine like him. She doesn’t try to dim his light. Because she knows her time will come.

I’ve been a new moon for too long now, dimmed and cold, starving for your warmth. God knows what glitch in the universe led to the absence of someone so crucial. But I stay watchful and steady, because I have faith that the universe is aligned when we are together, and so together we will be. Though the cold bites, I stay in orbit and patiently wait for you. Little by little I will show my face again, and shine in my full radiance, and I’ll know you’ll have returned.