You Are The Reason I Believe In Love Again


It’s been more than a few months, it’s been a while, it’s been half a year and I think I’m falling for you.

I just want to thank you, thank you for making me believe in love again.

I never imagined myself falling for someone after getting hurt, you healed me, you made me laugh, you put a smile in my face, not just any type of smile a smile that has made the world wonder.

Not in a billion years would I ever imagine myself falling for someone who has not amazed but just just surprised me by their existence. It feels impossible and it just feels surreal, on honest words I feel as if I am in a deep sleep but if so please don’t wake me up.

You made me fall for your actions and not for your words.

The actions were what I paid attention to and not your words, your personality is what I fell for and not for your looks, I never questioned your looks because love, your looks mean nothing to me when you complete me.

You’re a package a full package. You’re a gift that was sent from God and to Him I am thankful as He has shown me that after all love exists.

Pain was never felt around you, pain was a stranger it was not even felt. Pain flew by itself as you made your appearance. I never believed in love but you made me, you made me believe that there are good people out here, that there are people who will change your life for good and you know what you’re one of those people.

Love is a heavy word but with you it’s not weighted. It’s not measurable but it’s believable and admirable. 

And to me what makes it charitable is that I am the last person you think of as you head to bed. And the first person to think as you wake up, is it love? Or is it love?

My words mean nothing when you mean everything.