You Are 189km Away, And Yet You’re Right Beside Me


You are everything and nothing. You are the past and the future. You are the known and the unknown.

You are my beginning and my conclusion and everything in between.

You are a distant memory and a hopeful future.

You are a stranger and the closest person to me. You are my best friend and my greatest weakness.

You are every color of the sky, every drop of rain and every sip of red wine.

You are 189km away and you are beside me. You were then and you are always. You are distance and you are closeness.

You are in this bed beside me, and 189 km away. You are thinking of me, 189 km away. You are loving me, and 189 km away.

You are loved and you are resented. You are time and timeless. You are for better and for worse. You were found and you are lost.

You are there and you were here. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be, and everywhere you’re not.