Yes, It’s Hot Girl Summer—But It’s Also So Much More Than That


It’s 2021. Can we just take a beat and collectively vote to make it Hot Human Summer? Okay, awesome.

First—why limit yourself to one season out of four? Make it a year-round practice to show up for yourself, actively investing and taking pride in who you are and who you are becoming.

Next—why limit yourself to one element out of many? You are far beyond the vessel that houses your spirit, your mind, your heart, and your essence. Developing and nourishing every facet is 100% worth it for the enriched experience of life that those efforts bring.

Why limit yourself to endless attempts to alter what is genetically bestowed, crushing down your diamond and grinding it into fragile powder—vulnerable to scatter with a strong wind—so it can be poured (again and again and again) into the ever-changing containers that society dictates? Embrace yourself and whatever enhances your comfort, your confidence, your favorite body parts, your interests, your preferred sense of self—whether that whatever is trending or not.

Why limit yourself when you were born to be exactly who you are? The world needs an original, authentic YOU. Seek to do what you can, what you need, to be the most brightly-shining version of yourself—always.

As humans, we are all in transit throughout life—just people in progress, moving together on parallel routes, crossing over each others’ tracks and waving from the window as we journey forward. We will never reach perfection, but we collect tools (passions, memories, dislikes, lessons, trauma, joy, love) along the way to build a beautiful existence—to create a legacy in this life.

It’s good to have goals, ambitions, and put in the work to feel beautiful and empowered and sexy and self-assured. So if you’re working towards your own personal version of hot girl summer, I’m cheering you on. Just don’t forget to keep that motivation for investing and believing in the best version of you—as defined by you, and no one else—all year round.