5 Thought Provoking Books To Read In February


2015 is an incredible time for literature. The year is filled with tons of great new releases by authors both familiar and new to the literary scene. Here are some impressive releases to check out this month.

1. Migratory Animals // Mary Helen Specht

In an awesomely powerful debut Migratory Animals tells the story about a group of 30-somethings struggling to seek a genuine connection with others while also trying to find a place of belonging. The migratory animal in the story is Flannery, the book’s protagonist, who finds herself returning to Austin after spending five years in Nigeria conducting research. The young scientist is torn between her love for Nigeria and the fiance she left behind, and her obligation to be in Austin where her sister, Molly, has started to show signs of the same disease that killed their mother.

2. The First Bad Man // Miranda July

Miranda July’s debut novel is just as strange and wonderful as her previous projects. The First Bad Man brings readers into the bizarre life of Cheryl – a neurotic, single woman living alone, who is rather quite peculiar. Cheryl believes she’s haunted by a baby boy she met when she was 6-years-old and also believes she’s made love with Philip in former lifetimes, her co-worker at the non-profit she works at, despite never actually having had an intimate relationship with him. Cheryl’s life changes when her boss’s 21-year-old daughter comes into her life.

3. Funny Girl // Nick Hornby

Fans of Mad Men will love Nick Horny’s most recent novel where the backdrop of the book takes place in 1960s London. The story’s main character, Sophie Straw, is determined to be a TV star where her goal is to become the Lucille Ball of the BBC. The book is both a period piece and a melancholy look at the broadcasting era of the 60s.

4. The Country Of Ice Cream Star // Sandra Newman

In a dystopian setting The Country Of Ice Cream Star introduces us to a future world in rural Massachusetts where children are dying before the age of 20 of a mysterious illness called the Posies. There’s no treatment and no medicine to help aid the sickly – only the rumor and hope that a cure exists. 15-year-old Ice Cream Star lives with her tribe and embarks on a courageous and dangerous journey to save herself (and the world) by finding a cure. Guardian First Book Award finalist Sandra Newman mixes themes from The Walking Dead and The Lord of Flies in an original debut with its own strange universe, language, and rituals. The Country of Ice Cream Star will be available on February 10th.

5. Girl in a Band: A Memoir // Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth, recounts the life she’s lived as one of the most iconic women in music. This intriguing memoir is a great look at the underground scene and alternative revolution she experienced in New York City and Los Angeles in the ’80s and ’90s. She describes her life both as an artist and wife, and discusses the life she lived with Sonic Youth founder and lead guitarist Thurston Moore. An interesting read for anyone a fan of the band or who loved Patti Smith’s Just Kids. Gordon’s memoir is out on February 24th.