Write It Down And Watch It Burn


write it down
whatever ‘it’ is to you
whatever is weighing on your mind
whatever is holding you back.

allow yourself to be
uncomfortable with yourself
your life
your situation.
allow yourself to be completely

write it all down
don’t leave out any parts
about how you’re feeling,
not even the uncomfortable thoughts.

now is the time
to be open
and honest
and raw.

look at it,
read it,
then crumple it up.

light it on fire
and watch it burn.

watch the hate burn
the dissatisfaction
the voices
telling you you’re not good enough.

watch it all burn
in front of your eyes
and breathe out

realize you don’t have to be here
you don’t have to be stuck
you can leave
you can move on
you can live the life you’ve always wanted,
you have a choice.

you always have a choice.

you can do better
you can do more,
it just comes down to you.

you’ve always been in control,
you’ve just never realized it.

now let it go,
let it all go
and move forward to where you want to be.