With You, I Learned That Love Is More Than A Feeling


With you, I learned that love ignites from within without warning or notice. It grabs a hold of you. It permeates your body and soul in a way that is so invasive yet so beautiful in a way you had never thought possible. In a way that changes you forever.

With you, I learned that love is more than a feeling. That love is a language between two that no one else can understand. It’s the ability to speak to each other without words. It’s when two people just know. When two people just care. And there is no need to remind one another just how much they do.

With you, I learned that a heart can touch you more than any hands ever could. That love, when real, is felt so deeply—so profoundly—from within that special part of you. The part of you that only a soulmate can reach.

You taught me that love is both the pretty and the ugly, too. That love makes room for the flaws and for the brokenness. That perfection is not the expectation. That there is no need to change who you are in this moment. Blemishes and all, love accepts you.

With you, I learned that love does not equal distress or anxiety. That despite what they say, you will never need to fight for what is truly yours. The love is a bond that grows stronger by the minute, by the hour. That it is two people being patient and kind. Two people wanting and willing to grow together.

With you, I learned that love is the little things. It’s the kisses in the morning. It’s the comfortable silence. It’s the reaching for each other’s hands at the same time. It’s the cooking for them, just because you feel like it. Just because you want to make them happy.

With you, I learned that love is also the big things. The willingness to sacrifice anything to make it work. The inability to see your lives without each other. The intense moments of pure passion. The togetherness. That all of this can exist in one person—in your person.

With you, my love, I learned that I had absolutely no idea what the meaning of love was—until I met you.