Why You Should Thank Your Crushes (Even The Ones That Don’t Like You Back)


Do you remember your first crush? Do you remember the emotions you experienced with them? Now, do you know how people usually say that if your crush doesn’t like you back, then crushed is how you feel? That’s why it is called a “crush”?

Feeling crushed with a crush is not how I think of it. I think of how my first crush made me feel on top of the world, like I could accomplish anything. The admiration I had and still have for this certain person is well above infinity. He gives me confidence, he supports me from afar and he lives his life with poise and confidence.

Having a crush on him since middle school up until high school made me crush my insecurities. He made me crush my nervousness. He made me crush my fears of the unknown.

Here is how I take it..

Crushes SHOULD make you feel good. They should inspire you to do better for yourself (and if you are one of the lucky few, down the road, better for the both of you). My first crush gave me my confidence that allowed me to “come out” the summer after high school. He gave me butterflies. He made me nervous just looking at him. He is a sweetheart. I still look up to him to this very day and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. He is the best first crush ever.

My first crush pushed me to be the best version of myself, to never question my ways, my thoughts, my wants or my feelings. He made me delve right into my fears with confidence. So I really have to thank him for believing in me. I thank him for pushing me to my limit and doing the first thing for myself, which was “coming out”. That is when I felt I gained a little more independence. He unlocked that confidence in me and I am thriving years later, happy and proud that I came out. My crush crushed my insecurities. He helped mold me into the young man I am today.

Thank your crushes. They challenge you to push your limits. They push you to do better. They give you an amazing feeling that you should always hold onto.

I was and still am lucky enough to still know and keep in contact with my first crush. I decided to talk about him because without him and his inspirational ways of his life, I would not be as proud of myself as I am today.

Crushes are amazing people who give you an even more amazing state-of-mind. My first crush is one part of my inspirations. Give thanks to your crush, for they should make you a better person.