Why You Should Leap Even If The Net Doesn’t Appear


What happens when you leap and the net doesn’t appear? An instant pang of fear might sink into your belly reading that. All of your hopes and dreams, every single thing you told your friends in confidence that you would accomplish.

You leapt, and fell flat on your face.

Well let me tell you one thing, you get a lot in return for the risks you take in life, but that doesn’t always mean its what you wanted to receive.

This past fall I took an enormous leap into moving to a new city I have always fantasized about living. I secured two jobs my first two days of being there, and I felt on top of the world! I thought to myself this moving thing was easier than it people make it seem.

Turns out I moved during the time of year when the entire city is surviving off of food stamps. And I was about to be no exception to that rule. Business was so slow, I was working 50 hours a week and couldn’t afford rent, food, gas, or anything other than to work. Before leaving on this great adventure I even received the blessing from my “play it safe” ex-military father who told me “be where you want to be, and the rest will work itself out.”

I found myself crying every single day. I felt like the world failure did not even cover it.

So what’s next? Why am I writing this story out? Where did it lead.


See that’s the thing about failure. You never actually fail at anything, you just get turned around.

The universe always delivers you exactly what you want, even if it just ends up being a colossal U-turn.

I decide to move back to the city I was previously living in, and even got my old job back. And instead of walking around with a giant L on my forehead, something magical happened.

I started making three times as much at my old job. I found and moved into my dream apartment. I connected even deeper with the best friends I could ever find. My community held me with so much love. And lastly, I started relentlessly taking actions towards achieving my dreams. I have been at rock bottom and it was no longer scary.

In fact I learned that in order to live this life fully, to hold back was only living half way. I decided to rise from my failure like a dragon, breathing energy, life, fire, passion into everything that made me feel alive.

I want to say I did this because I felt alive! Not I did this because I felt afraid.

I have since launched my own business, I work to build my dreams every single day, and am one step closer to being the most authentic empowered and real version of myself I have ever been.

So my advice to you is to not even worry about the net. You are your own net. The lessons you learn are your gifts. Living life fully means making decisions and taking risks out of love and not getting held back by fear.

So go ahead and take the leap.