Why Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have To Suck


In a generation where it’s more alluring to be understated with our affection, Valentine’s Day is a godsend. Ok maybe not a godsend. If there wasn’t a day on the calendar to remind you to tell your loved ones they’re loved, would you remember to do it? I don’t mean just an “I love you” or “I’m really happy you’re in my life.” I mean something with some pizazz.

It seems like Valentine’s Day is the only socially acceptable day to be a total corn dog. People who wouldn’t normally write love letters and songs for their loved ones do and John Cusack movies come to life. I like that people go over the top and I wish people would do it more often. It’s nice that at least once a year we’re encouraged to be vulnerable and show others that we care. Maybe that is not such a bad thing? I’m single as can be this Valentine’s Day but I find it reassuring that other people are taking the time to really think about their significant other and show them that they appreciate them.

It is confusing as to why everyone has become so cynical and all like “woooooe is meeeee nobody loves me!” when Valentine’s Day rolls around. At the very least, how can you not like little candies wrapped in different shades of pink, red and white? Or better yet the discount chocolates the day after Valentine’s Day? So what you’re not getting laid on February 14th. Bitter is really not a cute color on you.

I know the days of not needing a holiday to express oneself are long gone. If a guy pulled a Noah from The Notebook and threatened to jump off a ferris wheel I wouldn’t go on a date with him, I would think he was out of his mind. My parents met at a shoe repair store while waiting to get their shoes fixed and that would probably not occur in today’s world. Even if I thought some guy was cute in my class or on the metro let’s be real, I would never say hello. I would just hope to swipe right to him on Tinder later. That is reality people and it really makes me quite sad.

As February 14th is fast approaching maybe it is time for us to give the holiday some credit it very well deserves. Maybe we should all make the extra effort to go outside our comfort zone and say hello to those cuties on the street. Why not give your crush a candy heart that says I like you on it. If you’re in a relationship, why not do something extra special for your significant other? The world could really use a bit more romance, and there is nothing wrong with a cute pair of rose-colored glasses.

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