Why Trusting Someone Is Just As Important (If Not More) Than Loving Someone


People consider “I love you” one of the hardest things to tell someone. Those three simple words can leave one tongue-tied, shocked, flushed, elated, or all those things at once. The first time you say it, you’re choking on your words struggling to get them out, but soon enough “I love you” comes as naturally as breathing.

There’s nothing quite like being in love. The mere thought of his smile makes you stop in your tracks. Hearing her laugh is music to your ears. And when you touch, your skin and bones set fire. The butterflies in your stomach are restless but you know you wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world.

But relationships can only go so far based on love alone.

Love is fleeting and though you can feel it in your core, you can’t shake the feeling that you need something to anchor it down.

And that’s where the trust comes in. whether you’d like to admit it or not, “I trust you” can be one of the hardest things to say – and genuinely mean. Trust doesn’t quite feel like butterflies; more like something in your gut telling you that this is right. And those little words may seem so underrated but trust means so, so much.

It wasn’t love that broke your heart when you found out the lips that warmed your own touched another’s. You didn’t pull your sleeves up a bit higher to hide your scars from her because you were in love. Love never stopped you from questioning his 2 am calls begging for another chance through intoxicated breaths. Because if those happened out of love, love would be enough to save it.

But putting your trust in someone and having them tear it back out is something that perhaps even love cannot heal.

Saying the words, “I trust you” is taking every fragile bone in your body and leaving it in someone’s strong hands knowing they’ll be perfectly fine.

And when that trust gets broken, the hands that held it, which once seemed strong and safe, now look like knives and you wonder how you could leave something so important in those hands in the first place.

So when someone tells you that they love you, remember that you hold a piece of their heart close to your own, and with it you hold everything beautiful that person has to offer. But when someone says, “I trust you,” remember that you walk on thin ice and you carry that person with you. Know that the slightest bend in the road can send your love falling, and no matter how hard you try to lift her back up, her fingers will just keep slipping from yours.

And if you are lucky enough to have both love and trust at the same time, never take them for granted. Do not allow them break any person down to their core so that they never know what these two words mean again. No, instead, build on love and build on trust. Make it so that when these words are spoken to someone you truly care about, you are never questioned. Let them grow so that they only become stronger and so that there is enough to last a lifetime.