Why The Power Of Knowing Yourself Is Better Than Any External Accomplishment You’ll Ever Achieve


Truthfully, the most amazing things that human beings produce are intangible, invisible, and internal.

There can be no value placed on a person who goes from misery to happiness, from anger to peace, from depression to contentment and understanding. The progression of human development into happier and wiser modes of existence is beyond valuation – inner peace has no price. We are mistaken in primarily praising and valuing what we can see, for we must be able to value the unseen internal developments that make for a happier and fuller life. The actual movement of getting yourself to a good place, where your peace is strong and vibrant, is valuable in and of itself. This process is hard work and it should be given more space in our world.

For one to spend time knowing and working on oneself so that they may come out of misery is as important as going to school or going to work, and arguably even more important, because it lays the foundation for personal success and collective peace.

It is essential to note that human progress into more aware, equanimous, and joyful modes of existence is a necessary stepping stone that will allow people to more readily reach the heights of their own potential. If one is miserable, they will surely not produce their best work. Yes, some people in the past have achieved great things while immersed in pools of deep depression, but they are rare cases. The great majority cannot produce their best work when they are experiencing a torturous life that lacks true peace.

If one knows oneself better and has taken steps towards healing the deeply rooted complexes that impede them from contentment and joyful living, they will be able to produce the type of work that will supersede all expectations, and that will bring happiness and joy to many.

Remember, the make-up of your personal internal world dictates and creates your external reality. So much love and power to all of you who have traversed your own internal world and come out victoriously carrying the trophy of peace and love. So much love to all people, may we all have the courage to know ourselves deeply, may we come to understand that working towards inner peace and happiness is essential to living a good life.