Why The Chicken Crossed The Road, Based On Its Myers-Briggs Personality Type


ENFJ: To lead the way for other chickens who seek to live authentically.

INFJ: You couldn’t possibly understand.

ENFP: To go see that shiny object! Want to come with me?

INFP: To better relate to the lived experiences of the many chickens who regularly cross the road.

ENTJ: To make traffic screech to a halt, because I can.

INTJ: Suppose f(x) is a function describing the shortest pathway between my point of origin and my destination that is traversable by a flightless yet sturdy bird, and the road is a closed line segment, AB. As long as there is at least one point of intersection between f(x) and AB, I will need to cross the road to get to my destination.

ENTP: I was hoping you’d ask; I actually have a new theory on this that I was hoping to tell someone about. See, the thing about chickens is…

INTP: Are you sure that the road didn’t cross the chicken?

ESFP: Because there was a car coming and I wanted to see if it would swerve fast enough.

ISFP: I can’t really explain it.

ESFJ: To get to where all the other chickens are.

ISFJ: To perform CPR on the road kill.

ESTJ: Did I tell you to ask me a stupid question?

ISTJ: I was following orders.

ESTP: Someone dared me to.

ISTP: To figure out why the pavement towards the middle of the road looks slightly darker.