Why People Who Marry Artists End Up The Happiest


The Artist: There has never been a single, easy way to describe an artist. Whether they are a painter, singer, writer, or dancer – hell, we’ve all got to agree on the fact that artists have always had something about them that screams sexy and seductive. Our idea of the artist has always been romanticised, and for good reason. They will show a side to themselves that makes anyone – especially a partner – feel more than they’ve ever felt.

Their sensitivity, sensuality, and creativity merged with the love they have for their one person will inspire them to make art that they never would have dreamt of before you came along.Marry an artist because you will be their inspiration every day.

You will be their muse. 

Marry an artist because their portraits of you will illustrate every part of your soul, not only your physical appearance, but how they see you and the inner depths of your personality. They will form you from their fingertips, to a paintbrush, to a canvas – which you will admire every single day for the rest of your life with your artist.

Marry an artist because they will not be afraid to speak their mind or their heart. They will teach their partner to follow their heart, no matter the cost. They will bring out the emotional, genuine side of even a partner that initially tries to hide their true feelings. An artist will bring out a side of their partner that no one else can – a part that would likely stay asleep if you hadn’t met.

Marry an artist because passion in anything will never be lacking. Whether it be passion for sex, work, love, or your marriage in general – an artist lives with an endless passion within them. Since we’re on the topic of sex, sex with an artist is unforgettable. Irreplaceable. There are no words for it until you’ve tried it.

They will make love like they make art. They will make love that will feel like energy flowing from one of you to the other, and back again.

Marry an artist because the connection that will form between the two of you will extend beyond any normal connection. There will be no more questions of whether what they feel for you is real – they will express it to the one they marry every day – leaving no room for doubts. They will lift you high into the skies as they adore you with all their being.

Marry an artist because they will always share their work and pride with you, because you matter most to them. When being romantically linked to an artist, a singer will make you feel special because you’ll be the first person to read over their newly written lyrics. You’ll be the first person to read their work, and that new song they’ve written is likely inspired by you. You’ll hear it on the radio and it’ll feel like a secret, knowing you were the first to hear it, knowing it’s about you.  

A writer will open you up to happiness and to the inner workings of their mind through words that seem to become alive as they are read. Their words will make your heart beat to a different rhythm, will make you feel like you are in another dimension, will make you feel again, even if life’s previous hardships have made you become slightly numb.

Marry a dancer because they will tell you a story through their movements. They will move you with their elegance, emotion and flow – as if they are saying “I love you” through each elegant motion. You will always feel fulfilled, because to an artist, the opinion of the one they spend their life with is most valued.

Marry an artist because they will show you a love so great that it will make you see the best parts of yourself. They will make you see how you stand out and how showing emotion and being sensitive is not a weakness, but a strength. 

Marrying an artist might be the best decision one makes in their lifetime, because they will be the realest people with you, and in today’s world, it is one of the rarest characteristics one can find in a partner.

That in itself will give you a sense of serenity and stability in your heart that can never be truly explained.

Finally, marry an artist because they will open your heart and their own to a love that is so expressed, it can be felt even by strangers. A love so genuine and loud that it is seen even from countless miles away.