Why People Who Date Pharmacists End The Happiest


No one knows euphoria better than a pharmacist. We are, after all, the legitimate drug lords. The narcos. The high ranking bosses in the crimes of love.

This is inconvenient, but it must be told. Well, for starters, pharmacists hold the key to the crazy pill—the custodians to the seventh heaven. We have unique and comprehensive knowledge of the substance of abuse. We deal with troubled people, a lot. Those who can not handle the realities of life and rather choose to escape and enter the wilds of the unreal.

But just because someone is in his or her vulnerable state doesn’t mean we get to abuse them. Instead, we offer definite attention and create a written care plan.

Our main goal is to improve your quality of life. To achieve absolute results. We understand that you are our priority, our responsibility. That is why we spent years and years of studying not only the therapeutic effects but the harmful effects, as well. We review the right drug. We take note of the right dose, the right time to take it, the right route of administration, and among other things that deserve to be right. Because you are, first and foremost, the center of our universe. We revolve around you. We are trained in decision-making. And as much as possible, we avoid the approach that causes you pain. We believe in prevention because this can lessen the burden in the future.

More significantly, we open the lines of communication. In the pharmacy, we are frontliners. We listen. We respond to sentiments: your need to be understood, even the status of your health insurance. We know all these because our profession, itself, requires grit and sacrifice. We, too, have suffered from too much judgment. We’ve been underestimated for generations among our peers—among the other members of the medical field. And most often we are not compensated by how much effort we’ve put up, or by how much we’ve tried to beat the odds. Yet, in spite of all that, we fight for what we know is right. We fight for what we believe in. Rejection and lost may not be new to us, but we always choose to do no harm. We adhere to professional intervention, from assessing the falls risk of medicines to finding remedies and solutions. We care to ask how you are feeling. We ask the right questions—the right evaluation: if you are okay or you just want things to be different.

We offer mental health support. We can relate to you, to your wishes, to your desire for happiness. We understand conviction and obligation. You are our rose when everybody else thought you were the grass. We are the gardeners in your garden. We nourish you, we let you bloom. And more than that, you are our very own treasure, our diamond when everyone else thought you were a stone. You are the shining gem made by the intense pressure of life that turned out to be clear and priceless. We dig you out of the depths, and you’ll always hold a special place in our heart. It is always our privilege to see you at your worst and witness you getting better and better throughout your journey. And for us, that is the best. Like the diamond, you are forever in our heart.