Why Our Generation Needs To Stop Being Pretentious Little Shits


In a generation where everybody wants to follow the trend and still be different, there lies a hideous core of dishonesty underneath the supposedly vague music tastes, purposely messy pompadours, and the attempt to seem unfazed by the coolness we all try to achieve.

Selfie sticks, pompadour licks, Netflix, and dicks. What has our society come to? Is this an inevitable effect of our indulgence in social media? Trying so hard to become someone we’re not for the sake of likes, hearts, or emojis in the comment box. Why do we pretend to love the books we don’t read, the music we don’t understand, or the trends we don’t actually like? It used to be for conformity, and now we’re pretending to become the ideal non-conformists. We used to lose our identity to be part of the herd, yet now we compromise or own honest interests just to be called different or unique.

Why do we need to end the reign of the pretentious fucks? Because no one is real anymore. No one shows who they are anymore. Nobody cares to be human anymore. We’ve become slaves to narcissism. But we’ve failed to realize that no matter how hard we try to separate ourselves from who we are, it is still our base, our default. And in the instance that we’re stripped of everything that covers who we are, in the moment that we become naked, who will we be then?

So stop spending so much time pretending and just lose yourself in finding out who you really are. Instead of making up a whole new person you think people would like more, love the person you already are. Improve the core qualities you have and you’ll find that you’re already unique. Learn to use your strength, learn to survive without having to hide who you are. You might look like what society wants, but that’s not enough to make it through this harsh life and still be happy. Because at the end of the day a tortoise might look like a turtle, but it’ll still drown if you throw it in the water.