Why Love Is Worth The Risk


When you’ve had your heart tampered with so many times before, it’s hard to believe someone’s intentions are good when they tell you pretty words and do nice things for you and ask for your heart in return. For some reason, it just gets hard to believe that this person might actually stick around when a parade full of others have seen their way out the door.

No matter if it’s different people over the course of the time who each had their own way of hurting you, or one person who broke your entire heart in whole, effortlessly. In either case, your heart was still broken, and with that, the innocence of your young heart was stripped away at the moment that your heart was briefly stolen. When something like that happens, you become conditioned to think it will happen again. It’s hard to let someone in when you’ve got chains wrapped so tightly around your heart.

But here’s the thing, love doesn’t come around very often. Love comes around once in a blue moon.

My advice to you is if there’s someone who’s offering their love to you and who makes your heart happy, maybe it’s worth the risk of trusting it for once. Allowing yourself to love again is an uphill battle and a constant question of bravery, but if you never let your walls down then you’ll just never know. Here’s the shocking line that not all of us take time to realize; love doesn’t always have to leave you hurting. Beautiful things can happen if you allow them to.