Why I’m Glad Ghosting Is A Part Of Our Story


If you come to my house and I see your beautiful green eyes that turn slightly blue in the cold, and I listen to the classic “I’m sorry I can’t do this” breakup speech, I will cry for days. I will lock myself away in a tower and never come out.

If you slowly fade away from me, talking to me less and less, you are giving me the time to forget you. The time to back off from my emotions and feelings towards you and recognize that maybe this isn’t going to work out the way I planned. That maybe your little flaws and imperfections aren’t going to fit with mine. That maybe in your arms isn’t where I sleep best.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying being ghosted is always the right way to do things, nor is it the respectable way, but maybe it’s just easier you know?

I’m one who doesn’t deal with change very well so having someone I care about be ripped out of my life within a single conversation is torturous.

Being ghosted is maybe less difficult for me because I feel like its just one long goodbye and you’re giving me the opportunity to walk away from you instead of being left behind.

And honestly being ghosted just gives me more reasons to hate you after you leave. I get to tell the story of how you were able to forget about me and instead of having the courage to start a conversation with me, you had to fade away from the possibility of an “us”. I get to step on the memory of you and maybe one day I’ll pick it back up and glue it together, but for now, I’m glad I got ghosted.