Why I’d Rather Be Single Than Date Any Of The ‘Men’ In This Generation


No, Seriously. I get that all of us 20-somethings are young and we should be carefree and do whatever we please, but damn did we really have to get stuck with these inconsiderate, selfish, rude boys. Not saying that every single 20-something guy is like that, but let’s just say it’s rare to find a good guy these days.

Being in a negative relationship taught me so much about love, but being single for over a year taught me so much about men. Being with someone who cheats on you, lies to you, and constantly tears you down really teaches you how love shouldn’t be and how you want to be treated.

Being single, though, taught me so much more.

I’ve learned that about 90 percent of the male population really just wants to hook up, nothing more, even if they actually have feelings for you. The second you put out for a guy who you aren’t with, you are basically saying that there’s no way you guys could ever be in a relationship. In fact, the cool thing these days is to not be in a relationship apparently. Not all of them are like this however.

I’ve learned there’s about 5 different types of guys in today’s society. There the guy who just wants to hook up and has no feelings for you what so ever, there’s the guy who wants to hook up but also has feelings for you but isn’t going to pursue those feelings, the guy who thinks he can find someone better than you, the guy who already wants to marry you after a few weeks, and lastly the guy who claims he likes you but does nothing to show it.

I mean really, what has the world come to? When did cute love letters turn into text messages, ones that are mostly ignored. Why is it such a bad thing to like somebody and want to be with them? I seriously want to know. I wanna know why these boys think they can degrade women and treat them however they please and think that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But, I guess it’s not entirely their fault either.

We give into them, thinking that maybe it’ll be different or maybe they will change their minds. We read into their text messages more than we should and take notes when they start acting even a little bit different. We give them too much too soon. We open up for them more than we usually do, we give them our bodies, we put in effort, we lose sleep for them, all so they can go be with some other girl who is apparently worth it.

How about we stop giving guys the feeling of satisfaction.

The feeling that they know we will always be around and we’re only a phone call away. The feeling that we can be in their beds with a snap of their fingers. The feeling that they know they are getting under our skin and irritating us and continue to do it on purpose. Let’s stop giving them effort. Let’s ignore their text messages and stop being the one to make conversation. Let’s stop sending them dirty texts or snap chats.

Honestly, they don’t deserve any of it. They deserve to know exactly how you felt. They deserve to be treated like they don’t matter. Let him go be with that other girl who clearly doesn’t expect much from him. Don’t date the guy who drinks too much, don’t date the guy who cooks, don’t date the football player, don’t date the party guy, don’t date the guy who doesn’t know what he wants, don’t date your best friends brother, don’t date that guy you were friends with in high school, don’t date the younger guy, don’t date the older guy, don’t date the religious guy, don’t date the stoner. Don’t date any of them. They might not all be the same, but they are all going to make you feel worthless.

They’ll make you feel like you were never important, like you wasted your time. They’ll make you feel like you lost yourself. They will make you question what love is. They will ultimately change who you are. This is why I would rather be single. I never want to change because of a guy.

I don’t want to change who I am to impress a guy or make him want to be with me and I certainly don’t want to change because of how he made me feel. I don’t want to ever feel like I’ll never be good enough, because none of these guys saw potential in me.

When the truth is, I no longer see potential in any men. So here’s to finally being independent and not relying on a guy. Here’s to finally being selfish and not caring what guys think. Here’s to finding who I really am and not have to worry about if that guy I met from school is ever going to text me. Here’s to being free from guys.