Why Heartbreak Is The Absolute Best Thing For Your Journey Of Self-Love


Everyone tells you “It’ll get better” and I am here to testify that it really does. I say this with a big goofy smile on my face because it gave me the push to get off my tushy.

Since moving out of my cramped Studio Apartment Relationship I landed not one- but two jobs Honey! I work so much I shock myself. Sometimes I look back at digressing me from the summer and I blow a kiss to her because poor her- she was so stagnant.

I have so much more time for myself. I am building my brand, meeting and collaborating with amazing peoples, kicking Complacency’s butt and taking names.

It’s a phenomenon we will never quite understand- how a break-up leads to a glow-up. But it works and I am not complaining.

The time after a break-up is the time to remind yourself that self-TLC is so necessary. I take myself out on dinner dates, buy myself something nice, organize my extra time to do the things I NEED to do and change my hair every month. These sudden changes aren’t because I feel obligated to. It’s because I want to.

I re-introduced myself to me and she is pretty damn phenomenal.

Whether you’re a boy or a girl, breaking up is hard to do but it doesn’t have to be the end all-be all. Get these gains in every area of your life: work, wellness, friendships, networks and mentally. I kicked this machine into overdrive and I only want to get better and better.

I promised myself, I will let things just happen from now on and if love comes my way then I’ll consider making a little room for it.

I didn’t level-up because of my break-up; I leveled-up despite it. That’s way more badass.