Why Gay People Stay Gay


People have asked me why I can’t be “just another normal guy.” You know, do normal guy stuff. Like date girls, for example. Why do I have to be “so gay”? Why do I need to do “gay stuff” or “buy gay stuff”? There is one answer for it: Because not only I am gay, I love being gay.

I was inspired by an article I read about why lonely people stay lonely. The idea of the article is to tell everyone that we have different natures. No matter how much it harms us, we are more likely to stay that way. Lonely people stay lonely because they like being alone. Judgmental people stay judgmental because they like to judge people, and more. So these are the reasons why I stayed so fabulously gay:

1. Because we are always happy.

If you are friends with a gay, you would never have a dull moment in your life. They would always be the life of the party! It amazes me that every gay I know has a light, carefree and warm personality. Maybe it’s in our genes. Gay people are always happy no matter what they are going through because we are strong.

2. Because of the loving community.

Besides from having a great sense of humor, gay people have a keen sense of awareness. Except from the built-in gay-dar we all have, we also know if a friend is in a distress. We always have the gay Bluetooth on discoverable mode. The condemnation of narrow-minded people, the betrayal of user-friendly lovers, the feeling of “why did God made me gay?” I know they understand and they really care. We are a big, proud family.

3. Because I don’t need society to dictate who I am.

I am a Christian. I still consider myself as one. At the past, I became so focused into being religious. I’m so ready for a life of celibacy and commit everything to God but then, I didn’t know how religion can suck your spirituality dry. When they wanted to change my nickname because it’s inappropriate for a man, I knew I had to ran straight out the door.

I fully realize that the society doesn’t understand us because they just aren’t us. People! This is something we can’t change. We don’t just wake up one day and become straight! And one more thing, we are damn proud of being gay.

4. Because it doesn’t make me any less of a human.

I felt the bad impression of what it’s like being gay as I grew up. I was bullied. I was belittled. I was assumed as weak. I was perceived useless. I started believing on it for a while until one day; I literally sat down on the ground and cried while these guys kept jumping on top of me like I was an inanimate rock. I knew it had to stop.

I stood up and shut all of their mouth. I showed them how smart I am and how high I could dream for myself. My family and friends believed in me, so why wouldn’t I? I promise to break the stereotypes of being gay. I want them to know that we are also human.

5. Because it is who I am.

I can never imagine myself as any other way. Being gay is not a choice, an experiment, a phase, a lifestyle, a disease or even a sin. It’s in the fiber of our beings. We’ve done so many things to change the things we can’t shake out until we get tired of falling below the society standards. We don’t have any other choice but embrace ourselves like what we should have done in the first place. I love being gay. It makes my life worthwhile. It makes my little time on Earth a meaningful stay.

I have to stay gay because I wanted to. Many would say this was a wrong decision. That choosing between being right over being happy is what I should do. That I am selfish and I only think for my own happiness. If I wouldn’t think for myself, then who would think for me? We have come so far to love ourselves and appreciate our life for what it’s worth. We deserve a little happiness, don’t you think?