Why Every Self-Respecting Woman Needs To Stop Wasting Her Time Wondering What A Man *Means*


Every time I want to focus on Spartanhood and enlightenment I get pulled back by the same old nonsense. I say something about power and a girl nods along then hits me with, “But what do you think he meant by this text…” I write about living a no fucks given lifestyle and a girl co-signs only to chime in with, “But why did he reach out again, does this mean he realizes what he lost?”

The point’s down here, but you’re up there in Basica altitude, totally missing everything I’ve trying to imprint into your brain. You are still trying to fit into what a man wants you to be, or trying to crack the code to get someone that doesn’t actually want you to reconsider. You pretend to be strong, you play along as if you understand that you rule this world, but in the end, you’re still stressed over what a man has said or hasn’t said as it relates to how he feels about you.

No matter how many times I challenge you to rise above this dick chasing mentality of “please pick me,” your love-starved ass relapses. You’re not worried about becoming a Spartan, you’re worried about getting a boy to like you, getting revenge on a boy that played you, or proving some petty point that will make you feel vindicated after being devalued by a man who didn’t give you closure. “But why do guys always…” is the mating call of a girl that’s going to always get played. Users exploit the same types of women, hence the reason these lames “always” treat you in ways that are confusing to your naive mind. I’m sick of hearing about this, so I don’t care how long it takes your short attention span having ass to read this entire thing, you need to study every line, and actually internalize it. There is no reason any woman reading this right now should still be taking L’s once she’s finished reading it.

Typical women think about typical shit because they vibrate at the lowest level, the beta female wants to be an Alpha Female but at the top of her mind on any given day is: I don’t understand how men think, all I know is that I want the guy I like to like me back without all the confusion. There is no confusion! A man sees you as a girl that will be good for a time or a girl that could be good for life. As an Alpha you don’t sit waiting to be chose, but all betas do is wait under the cover of uncertainty and thirst. You know how it feels when someone likes you, is acting distant, or is cooling off on you. No matter what he’s saying, the feeling you get points you to the truth of the situation, but I’m convinced many of you push that truth away in favor of “but he said I was all he wanted last week, so he must have meant it.” If someone gave you a real versus fake Naïve Test where it listed all the conniving things men say, I wonder how many of you would pass? When your girlfriends or family members are dealing with relationship issues, you have all the answers. When it comes to your own issues, you are so far up that man’s ass that you can’t see how naïve you’re being by taking his word as gospel.

Men don’t lie that well, but a woman’s mind becomes a master of deception when it wants to believe in the bullshit her fantasy guy is selling. “He’s full of crap and I caught him in two lies just now but his smile is so sexy and I secretly want to have his babies, so let me ignore the fact that he’s shoveling shit in my ears.” When you stress over a boy that’s giving you clear signs that he isn’t that into you, it isn’t because you’re dumb, it’s because you want so bad to believe that the red flags are only yellow. The man you date in your mind isn’t the same as the man you date in reality. Your brain takes all the sweet stuff he’s done, pushes it to the top, and holds that shit up like when Kunta was born. Meanwhile, all the fuckboy shit he does, all the arguments, or times he made you sad gets buried and repressed. Why? Because you don’t care if he’s not great, you just want a man to call your own. Weak Bitch Brainwashing! Write down all the positives and negatives a guy you’re with or hoping to be with showcases—read it aloud. You will realize that when all that puppy dog lust and romantic brainwashing is gone, on paper, he’s nowhere near as special as you pretend.

Every week I get emails asking me the same general question that most women ask, “What Does It Mean When a Man Does [Insert Basic Nigga Action]” It means what you think it means! The reason you’re confused is because you don’t want to accept that the guy you like is gaming you the same way he games every other woman. You’re TEAM SPECIAL, which means that men respect you, want more than just your pussy, and actually mean it when they claim that you’re different from the rest. Wake the fuck up, ladies! That man doesn’t know you enough to deem you special, so he’s going to run through you like Young Thug runs through the blouse section at Wet Seal. I’m not telling you anything that you don’t know, I’m telling you what you’re afraid to admit: If something doesn’t feel right then 10 out of 10 times it ain’t right! Every action he does—oh he must really like me because he did xyz… Every word he says—oh he must really like me because he said xyz… You want so bad to believe that some flakey ass dude thinks you’re special that you hypnotize yourself into believing that his behavior means more. What you don’t do is what I broke down in MDLWLY in detail, you never put him to the test before dating, during dating, and finally during the relationship. You go with the flow because you are afraid of upsetting a man, too shy to speak up, or too into him to risk it all with Spartan actions. This is why you will never get what you want, you lack the courage to actually do the work.

Sara’s Story: Before I get into the Naïve Test, I want to tell you about Simple Sara, a girl who I was introduced to a few months ago by her cousin. Sara’s question was this: What Does It Mean When a Man Says He Is Looking for Marriage? Is He Just Saying That? How Do I Know If He’s Serious? Sara had been celibate for two years for some typical ass reason that I can’t remember. She was your normal fear based woman who got hurt, took her coochie and decided not to participate in the game of love. Sara told me about this new man in her life who she met at work after being transferred to a different department. Work Guy hit Sara with some basic bait flirting, the kind where we men ask about the boyfriend we already know you don’t have just so you can confirm that you’re single. “Boyfriend? I don’t have one of those,” *rolls eyes, no shit* A week later they were on their first date. Not just any first date one of those 5-6 hour dates where women think it’s magic just because they talked about a bunch of random things for a long period of time. *spoiler alert, long dates don’t mean shit* Work Guy dropped the bomb that his next girlfriend will need to be auditioning to be his wife. Sara felt the same way; all of her energy should be put into making sure her next boyfriend was husband material, not just another boyfriend. Perfect match, right? Wrong!

They went out two more times, started fucking on the third date (goodbye celibacy) and two months into this “friendship” Sara started to get the feeling that she was not auditioning to be a wife, she wasn’t even auditioning to be his girlfriend, she felt like pussy and needed answers. She sat across from me and started asking stuff like, He says this but he does this, what does that mean. He told this guy at work that we’re just friends but told his brother I’m his baby, was he just saying that to keep a low profile at work? He says that I’m so different from his last girlfriend but by this time they were in an official relationship. Is he trying to take his time with me because he sees this as more serious? I got tired of listening to this because I hear that kind of shit all the time. Pretty words and hollow actions used like bait on a hook so the fish won’t let go. I asked her to let me use her phone and I wrote a text message to her “friend” asking one simple question. I sent the text without letting her see it, then held on to the phone for the rest of our dinner.

My original text sent from Sara’s phone didn’t say anything crazy, all I asked was: What about me doesn’t make me marriage material? It was a Date Like a Spartan type question only meant to give me insight into this guy’s head. In response, the guy sent this long winded admission that Sara was marriage material…but not HIS marriage material. In short, he didn’t really fuck with Sara, knew he didn’t really fuck with Sara, and challenged with having to give an honest answer, he gave a nice response that kept the door open so he could keep fucking Sara. The words he carefully chose didn’t say she was a bad woman, it just said they were not compatible because of where he was in life. See what happened? A man who isn’t into you makes it about his flaws, not your flaws, so that he doesn’t burn the bridge while in the midst of rejecting you. Guys have probably used the same technique on you. Tell you he doesn’t want you in a way where you don’t hate him, which leads to you still being okay with “talking” because let’s face it, you don’t really have any other options.

A man will show you who he is, but you have to pay attention! I man will tell you who he is, but you have to listen! This story is proof positive of women wearing rose colored glasses. This Work Guy wasn’t a player, he wasn’t dating any other women, from what I could gather he was a square. But even squares gain confidence and get comfortable enough to keep a woman in a Placeholder position. Obviously, he had been thinking about this for a minute, but he was content with just enjoying Sara’s pussy until Sara said something. The irony is that Sara, like most women, would have never spoken up and asked that question. It took me sending that text. Most women figure that since a man openly says he’s looking for something serious that they are building towards something serious with them. In reality, it doesn’t matter what a nigga says, it’s about his actions. Leaving you waiting and assuming is the same thing as telling you that you’re not good enough—know this, watch for this, and exit the situation the moment you see this game being played. I don’t know how Sara will rebound, but her cousin told me that Sara and Work Guy did have sex again. Which leads me to believe that Sara will be one of those girls that won’t let go because she wants to believe that the longer a man hangs around the more likely he is to change his mind about how he views her.

What Does It Mean When a Man Says He Wants Something Serious BUT Doesn’t Treat You Seriously?

You’re not the one he sees as worth that seriousness. He’s not lying, he’s discriminating. You’re cool, but you’re not “it”. No matter what he says, does, or how good he eats your box and proclaims you bring something out of him that no other girl does, if he doesn’t snatch you up then you must get the hint—he doesn’t want you! But, I know his life, he’s busy, he works a lot, is trying to start a business, has problems at home, his reasons are valid blah blah blah. If you believe that shit then I have a bag of oxygen I want to sell you. Stop failing the naïve test! If he has an excuse about money, lack of time, or any life event that’s keeping him from being with you, then why did he want to date you in the first place? Knowing his life wasn’t ready for a real girlfriend did he see you as a girl that he could just have fun with? Look past the excuses, and the truth will smack you in the fucking face! What he’s really trying to say in the nicest way possible is “I’m not buying, I’m just trying to lease.” This cliché of men not recognizing a good thing until it’s gone is overblown. The vast majority of grown men know a good thing the moment they lay eyes on her or has that first conversation, and if she hits the mark he will move like Barry Allan to lock that down before the next man has the chance. Go ahead roll your eyes, but you know it’s true.

Why would a man need all of this time to figure out if you are right or wrong for him?

He talked to you for weeks, he knows your history, he knows your goals, he knows your sense of humor, he may even know what your pussy grips like, so what else is there for him to learn about you that will change his mind months from now? It’s the hoes right, his exes did him wrong, so he has to be sure this time around. Bullshit. It’s his childhood right, his parents got divorced so it’s a struggle to believe that love exists. Bullshit. Men are creatures of passion, not patience, so if he’s feeding you an excuse about more time, he may as well be giving you his ass to kiss. Guys are in the habit of throwing caution to the wind because the risk is worth the reward. If he chooses wrong, what’s the big deal? He wasted an imaginary title and got some condom-less sex for a few months. That’s not life crushing in a man’s world because men rebound fast anyway. You want men to not waste your time by telling you the truth from the jump, but telling you what his ultimate goal is, in general, isn’t a lie! Think of it like this: If someone tweets “I wish someone would slide in my DMs for once,” and you slide in their DMs only to get ignored it doesn’t mean they were lying—it means they were trying to bait someone other than you! Men do want something serious, they aren’t all using that as game, but they are looking for a specific type of woman to be serious with and after a few days or weeks he probably realizes you aren’t the one. Don’t be a Simple Sara! Understand that if you spend all this time, and nothing is progressing you have been REJECTED.

What Does It Mean When a Man Opens Up To Me?

What You Want It to Mean: A guy comes to you and tells you his past trauma, his future dreams, and his current fears. He admits that he acts a certain way because of something he went through, and asks you to stick it out with him while he figures it out. That’s the emotional honesty that gets a pussy wetter than a full beard on a 6’ 5” nigga. You have dealt with men who hold everything in, who shut down when you want to have a real talk, and for this man to be so honest without having to argue, fuss, or give ultimatums makes you feel as if you finally found something special. A man baring his soul shows that he trusts you and in order for a man to trust you, he has to see you as different. Any man can take you to Strugglebees and a movie. Any man can tell you what he wants to do for you once you’re his girl. Any man can text you paragraphs and trick a few dollars on a birthday gift. To actually have a man open up enough to show his vulnerability proves a real investment. This is what you’ve been waiting to see, a man putting himself out there to show you who he is beyond the macho façade. At this moment you’re wide open like a dental exam. What happens following this level of emotional bonding where you both take off the masks? You fall head over heels quicker than normal. I told you all in Ho Tactics how exposing deep dark secrets builds trust extremely quick, bonds the mark to you, and softens him up to the point where he believes you’re down for him. The same thing happens here. By baring his soul, he goes from just some guy you like to someone you know. Women want to be able to believe in a man’s sincerity towards her. Defensive girls say, “I don’t believe shit these niggas say,” yet every woman has been guilty of putting their faith in a male they barely know. So here you are with a man who opens up like no other guy and that gives you every reason to believe in him, but does this act mean he’s for real or is something else going on that you may be missing in your excitement?

What It Really Means: By exposing his soul, a man fast tracks you. Are you really going to continue to talk to other guys when this man is telling you how he got cheated on in the past and that he only wants to date you? Are you going to say, “no” to seeing him multiple times a week when he’s telling you how special you are and how you get him through the day? Are you going to keep your legs closed and say, “I need more time” when he’s being an open book about how much you mean to him? He’s showing you his phone, he’s posting you on social media, he’s introducing you to his boys, he’s doing all the shit that girls say they want, and it didn’t take long. When someone is giving you what you always asked for, all of that “take your time” shit flies out of the window. You don’t know what real love is, so you figure this is how love is, a man doing these nice things insanely fast because he’s moved by you. Hold up! This may not be a case of you being his Game Changer, it could be his M.O. There’s this stereotype that men don’t show their emotions, and like all stereotypes, there are many examples of this being true, but for the most part, it’s a false generalization. You grew up with a father who didn’t speak to your mother about his feelings or express his affection. Maybe your last boyfriend never let you in on anything he was thinking unless he was mad. Your overly tough guy dad or your emotionally stunted Ex do not represent mankind. But these emotionally unavailable types are all you know, so to you, they do represent mankind. Now that you have met a man that’s doing the opposite of the stereotype, you think he’s the chosen one.

He’s not special just because he confides in you, and if you’re open off of that and naively feel this is a sign from the heavens, then you just haven’t dated quality men or known emotionally healthy men. Males aren’t emotionally repressed, they do open up, they do talk, and some do get comfortable enough to let you in. That doesn’t mean you cracked his code, it could mean that the door was already unlocked. Not every man is running Dick Tactics, lulling you to sleep with his sob story about abuse, being poor, and being neglected. Some will, but in the end it could just be a personality trait. It’s in your best interest to check your “Girl, he was crying on the phone saying he loved me,” ego. Instead of patting yourself on the back for getting a man to tell you his life story and express his emotions within a month, ask yourself, “What did I do that was so special.” If you didn’t pull anything out of him, and all of this shit was volunteered or came up naturally in conversation, then you didn’t do shit to earn his trust, the nigga is just talking. Don’t let your ignorance towards Emo men and your past experiences with so-called emotionally unavailable men fool you into believing you’re doing something novel.

What Does It Mean When A Man Falls Back?

What You Think It Means: *Crickets* You don’t know and you don’t care…or at least that’s what you tell people.

What It Really Means: Few people want to think about why someone doesn’t want them, it’s depressing, so in response, the finger is pointed outwardly rarely inwardly. I’ve studied how women react to rejection for a long time. What I’ve found is that we live in a Brat Culture. Both men and women are guilty of this, but for this example let’s stick with women. There are many women that feel as if they should get what they want, that they are beyond being shitted on, and that because Daddy, Mommy, or the Grandparents placated their egos that everyone else will treat them like they’re special. In this life, you will learn that most men won’t want you in the way that the leading man wants the leading woman in a Romantic Comedy movie. This idea of guys spoiling you, baecations, and all the other #RelationshipGoals shit that other women attain, you don’t. You don’t ask why, you just make up some story about unfairness. The universe is laying out clues for you to adjust your behavior and mindset to get what you want, instead, you ignore and push on fueled by this bratty ego. Fuck him, nothing’s wrong with me. Fuck those hoes messing with ballers, they’re probably selling pussy anyway. To play Devil’s Advocate and say, “wait, maybe the signs are pointing to me having to step my game up by reevaluating the way I think and live,” is a foreign concept because you are in the business of protecting this image of yourself as good enough or a victim of circumstance. To prove this point, let’s look at how a typical woman reacts to things not going her way:

The first ego check comes when a man who gets your number doesn’t call you back. In your mind, even though you liked this guy and was hoping he would hit you up, you determine that he’s just a bitch boy because defensively you can’t allow thoughts of disappointment to seep in. The next ego check comes when a guy you’re actually dealing with falls back. Again, you brush it off as him just being a typical clown ass dude playing games because he’s immature. The final ego check comes after a guy who was with you, said he loved you, gassed you up, etc. falls back. This would be the perfect time to self-analyze, yet there is never any soul searching. It’s “fuck him, he was a bitch ass little dick ass broke ass nigga, anyway.” The Brat Culture has created overly sensitive women and men who can’t take rejection as a lesson so they interpret it as someone being worthless. They weren’t a loser when you were smiling every time you saw their text. They weren’t a fuck boy when you were out shopping for the perfect pair of shoes to wear on that date. They weren’t corny when you were cuddling on the couch and calling each other “babe”. To be rejected doesn’t send you off on a mission to explore what went wrong, it sends you to pity party city where you simply deflect what happened and repress the fact that you weren’t what someone wanted.

What Does It Mean When a Man Keeps Coming Back?

What You Think It Means: He realized his mistake. You showed him how great you were, and he failed to appreciate what he had. Now that time has passed he’s calling you, texting you, or maybe showing up at places he knows you visit. You’re not dumb, conversations like “remember the time we…,” “How has such and such been…,” or “I’ve been thinking about us…” is him trying to get his foot back in the door. Regardless of how you left things, he feels he can now come back and reestablish a friendship. That friendship will hopefully lead to a relationship, and since you two did have more good times than bad, this time around it will be perfect. Let’s keep it real, if the man you were once in love with could have acted the right way, there’s no telling how far you two could have gone. For him to come back saying that he’s improved puts ideas back in your head that this was who you were always meant to be with. Life is a series of lessons, and he learned one. Your soul mate isn’t out there, he was right under your nose, he just needed to mature. Him coming back is proof that real love doesn’t let go. That’s the story you tell yourself because it changes the past to make you feel better about how things ended. It wasn’t you that pushed him away, that wasn’t good enough, or who had flaws that made you just pussy or a placeholder. In the end, it was him who was the ignorant to your perfection.

What It Really Means: Men are creatures of habit. If a man gets hungry he orders from the same pizza place he’s used to not the new one. If a man gets lonely he calls up the same two or three women who he used to fuck with back in the day, he doesn’t go shoot his shot at a new one. Understand that men like the comfort of personalities they understand. A new girl doesn’t take jokes like you, she doesn’t share the same “remember when…” stories as you two do, and since he hasn’t had sex with her that switch where he can go from joking to being nasty isn’t there. With a new woman he has to be on his best behavior, with you he can say whatever because at the end of the day what’s the worst you can do? Hang up? Say “boy stop playing with me”? Block him? Every man keeps a girl in his phone who he can hit up when he’s bored. Every man has an ex who will give him the time of day again if he gets curved by a new girl who doesn’t see him as anything special. Know that men crave attention, they need their egos stroked, and they need positive reinforcement. “All of these girls out here that he can be with, but he’s coming back to me because what we had was real,” you’re about as bright as midnight. Just because you think a guy is god’s gift to you, doesn’t mean other women would give your clown ass crush the time of day. You would take him back and marry him if he asked, those other girls won’t even respond to his DMs. He runs back to your ass not because he misses you, but because you’re easy to impress.

Stop assuming that a man reaching out means more than boredom, a lack of new options, or a thirst to slide back into a situation where he doesn’t have to do anything but show up. Furthermore, even if you have a reason to give him another shot, don’t let that man back in so easily. He hurt you, he fell back on you, or maybe it was you who decided you could do better, yet here you are months (even weeks later for some of you) and he doesn’t even give you a good reason, just a limp “sorry” or “I missed you so much,” and you’re back talking? How soft are you? Most of you are guilty of pretending you hate a man who tries to come back, but internally you’re about to cum from that renewed attention. What does he want from me? Like he’s so annoying! Why won’t he leave me alone? Bitch please, you love his attention and you know it. What’s annoying is that you’re complaining about a person who you are allowing to call you again and who you are considering seeing again. If you really wanted to you could block him or ignore him, but you don’t want to do that, you want him back. Stop being a fraud and own up to this! Oh, it’s only texting, nothing serious. Oh, it’s only a lunch date nothing serious. Oh, It’s only going over to his place because there’s nothing to do tonight. Oh, it was only sex, I got it out of my system, now I’m good. Lies on top of lies on top of lies! A lonely woman is a weak woman because they always break under the pressure of a need for attention. The resurgence of a man who you are comfortable with now telling you everything you like to hear, makes you feel powerful. He’s chasing you, he’s on your heels, and he’s crying for another crack at you. Power isn’t knowing what a man is trying to do and allowing him to play it out. Power is knowing what a man is trying to do and slamming the door before he has a chance to rob you again. Don’t get cocky and don’t be stupid. He doesn’t see you as great, he sees you as accessible!

What Does It Mean When You Give Too Many Fucks About Men?

Most if not all of these problems can be solved with honesty. A man not wanting you isn’t hard to see, but it is hard to admit. If you go inside and ask, “What’s wrong with me that I can’t get a guy to stay around,” but you aren’t mentally strong enough to be self-critical in a positive way, the result is depression. The reason most women choose to suck their teeth rather than understand what’s going on under the surface is that once you admit that you aren’t what someone wants, you get pulled into the past baggage of your life and unaddressed issues. The hard truth is that your ego is held together with fake affirmations. Meanwhile, under the surface, you’re dealing with all kinds of doubts, insecurities, or childhood memories that you never want to bring up because it will make you feel hopeless. You aren’t as pretty as you pretend to be. You aren’t as smart as you come off. You’re more awkward than personable, more shy than confident, more ratchet than refined, more basic than cultured, more annoying than you realize, and the moment men get to know you they see that you just don’t measure up to his idea of a Game Changer. Those are the negatives that cloud your mind and if you go down that path of self-analysis you won’t be able to come out unshaken because you feel there is truth to a lot of those negative thoughts. So the alternative is to conceal don’t feel and be an Ice Queen whenever a relationship doesn’t go your way.

If you are having negative results back to back, it’s time to look at how you feel inside and how that leads to how you act on the outside. Not how you think you act or imagine you act, but how you come off on dates, on the phone, etc. all of that has to be held up to the flame so you can improve. This isn’t to get a man; this is to understand where you are fucking up so you can become a better you. If you’re holding in hurt from being cheated on, if you’re holding in an inferiority complex in terms of how smart you aren’t, if you’re nervous about not being on the same level money wise or success wise as the type of men you want to date, or if you’re simply of the mind that it’s no point in dating because every man you ever met has disappointed you, then those insecurities will show when you talk to the opposite sex. You may think you have a good poker face, but trust that if a man has dated a lot of women or has been raised in a house with his mother or sisters, he knows that females are transparent. The reason men don’t want you on a real level or fall out of love with you is that they’re most likely seeing traits in you that you forgot where there or never realized where present. Passive aggressiveness is there for a reason. Being anxious to the point where you call and text repeatedly is there for a reason. Overreacting is there for a reason. Stalking someone’s social media is there for a reason. Pouting to get your way is there for a reason. Don’t just say, “I am who I am take it or leave it,” understand why you act the way you act because the shit you do is tied to unhealthy thoughts or traumatic experiences that need to be explored and eradicated so you don’t come off like every other typical chick.

This is work you have to do internally, it’s not something another man’s love will fix or an exes reasoning will correct. When a guy meets with you to give closure on why it didn’t work, he’s not going to break your weak bitch traits down and make you cry, he’s going to give you the nice answer that doesn’t do shit but lift your ego back up and repress your thoughts again. Spartan Up and realize that none of this shit is about a man telling you how you should act for him or trying to change up to be what every man says he wants. It’s about having the courage to sit alone in a room and ask yourself why aren’t you coming off in a way where you can unleash your true personality and slay every opportunity the universe throws at you. A lot of you are religious some spiritual, and you speak in terms of god showing you a path or lessons being learned so you can improve and manifest constant success. In reality, most of you haven’t learned shit about life or applied the things you’ve learned to upgrade your existence, you’ve just learned to be bitter and defensive, not how to master your own life in ways that actually pay off. Getting older doesn’t necessitate becoming wiser. If anything, you learn how to settle better and live with mistakes easier. People commit the same errors over and over again, then place blame on outside forces, because they’re afraid to take responsibility. Yes, it hurts to admit that you need work and it’s hard to actually do that work without relapsing into your old ways, but anything worth doing will always take real effort!

The answers to why you keep attracting people that don’t want you, why you sabotage yourself when you do have something positive, or why you just don’t have the strength to say no to things that are bad for you, are all inside. Make it a point to know yourself and patch up those insecurities and in the end this petty shit about “what does it mean when a man doesn’t call for a week… when a man says he’s willing to wait for sex… when a man is willing to cheat on his girlfriend with me,” will be beneath you. The male agenda is to always get his way and enjoy his life, and if he has to tell a few lies or gas some naive chick up to get that, he will do it. What makes you special isn’t that no one will ever reject you, what makes you special is that you are capable of learning, adapting, and realizing the truth of life, that no woman who is in love with herself can truly be rejected. Erase your doubts, know your worth, and rise above this Princess Pick Me, weak bitch mentality. Men play the game, but you run this game. Stop holding on to the words of men as if it’s divine, stop being boy crazy to the point where you drive yourself insane to get them to see you a certain way, and turn the tables like a fucking Spartan! It should be the man that’s up at night stressing about what you meant by something, what you’re really looking for, and how he’s going to win you over. Hop off these dicks and stop being so damn thirsty for male validation. Know your power, utilize your power and rule, Bitch.